I hope you will read this message because it is important for you and the rest of America even though you indicated you did not wish to discuss ‘politics’—I don’t expect a reply but wish to provide you with reality you won’t hear from the likes of CNN or most other networks owned by wealthy elites who work hand in hand with the current Democrat Party at our expense.

There are several articles which address and disprove the main reason you stated to me as to why you opposed Trump, presumably by believing the false narrative of the left-wing media blaming him for the COVID pandemic which is quite the opposite of reality.  After WHO colluded with China to hide the pandemic potential, the heavy lifting in America was done early-on by the Trump administration by banning international flights in spite of protests by Dr. Fauci and the Democrats. The vaccine was developed in record time through the President’s Operation Warp Speed–something which usually takes years to accomplish.  Now we know the death rate for COVID was overstated when many who passed died of other causes, and that the risk of severe illness and death is markedly less than one percent unless one is elderly and has significant co-morbidities.  Yes, it is more contagious than influenza but the risk of death to most Americans is miniscule unless you lived in NY state where the Governor sent thousands of COVID patients to nursing homes rather than to other available sites such as the hospital ship Trump provided, resulting in infection and deaths of many nursing home residents.

Now we have an executive branch and Democrat-controlled Congress comprised of anti-constitutional zealots who in collusion with Big Tech have shut down our First Amendment rights and are now proposing to go after our Second Amendment rights with false propaganda; there are many facts to back up what I say including that such action would disarm law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to stop criminals.  You should also be reminded that in the past there was an ‘assault weapons’ ban (a misnomer) during which gun deaths actually decreased and Congress allowed that ban to sunset.

The Biden/Harris administration is caving to China and its genocide of women because Biden and his son, Pelosi’s husband and even McConnell and his wife have huge financial interests in our chief adversary whose goal is to destroy American sovereignty—and Iran, the leading sponsor of global terrorism, which is developing a nuclear bomb.  The Kerry-Obama nuclear deal which included an airdrop of millions of dollars was not complied with by Iran and so Trump cancelled that leaving sanctions in place which now may be cancelled.

The Democrats’ two trillion dollar ‘COVID relief bill’ is rotten to the core as the last trillion dollars of the first one under Trump has yet to be spent, while the new plan is full of items unrelated to COVID relief such as including a financial bail-out of cities which are in massive debt (NY, Chicago, LA etc.) stemming from decades of poor management by Democrat mayors and governors—all with our taxpayer money, while our nation has 27 trillion dollars in debt it can never pay off except by devaluing the Dollar and creating massive inflation which hurts all Americans.

Even worse, Biden wants to destroy American energy independence (a huge security issue) first established under Trump’s term by stopping the Keystone XL pipeline construction and fracking–neither of which have anything to do with hurting the environment (in fact, they help by avoiding transport of oil by rail and ship which pollutes).  Their ‘Green Energy’ initiative is a vast waste of taxpayer money as solar and wind cannot replace clean coal and fossil fuels in price, efficiency, continuous availability or even disposal costs.  And that Paris Climate Accord will now be heavily funded by our taxpayer dollars when it accomplishes NOTHING since China and India do not plan to comply, not to mention that recent UN report which showed that the United States had the lowest level of pollution of any developed nation.

And to top it all off, Biden is allowing thousands of illegals (possibly up to two million per year) including criminals to enter the nation so the Democrats can increase their voting bloc in future elections.  That move takes away jobs from unemployed Americans, spreads COVID (they are not screened), and requires huge taxpayer spending to support these illegal immigrants most of whom have few if any job skills to offer our nation.  No other nation on Earth allows this.

Our nation has now reached the point of self-destruction as Abraham Lincoln predicted could happen with corrupt leadership–a Republic which has blessed the largest percentage of its population compared with any other form of government in history.

May God bless you and your family.