First, you are my friend, in no way do I intend to offend you.  So, to the extent that I have, I apologize. That said, in the interest of full discourse there are obviously different perspectives.  You wrote:  “Trump stands on the side of Trump; believes in Trump.” The way I see it is: “Trump stands for America, is on the side of America and believes in America.” Do I care about his personality? Yes, but I care more about what he has done to restore confidence of at least half the country, and the results he has brought about for all Americans. 

I do not believe the President is in any danger of losing his “base,” and that base is comprised of those of us who eschew socialism/communism. If anyone believes that contemporary Democrat politicians and their base, which we have observed in action in recent weeks are for the America that we defended, methinks there is a lot of misunderstanding of their intent. Soros, the Democrat Party, including Pelosi et. al. who made it clear, We cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump” is doing everything in her power to bring that about. The General Officers, which regrettably includes Mattis and others who align themselves with that notion are used to the “business as usual” crowd in D.C. and are de facto a part of the problem. And if anyone actually believes that “ChiCom” is not involved, those folks are smoking some of the same marijuana that Clinton “did not inhale.”

I was one who regarded the President as a buffoon and did not believe he would be elected. But I sure as hell voted for him and will again because the alternative is unacceptable. 

Has he brought about change? Until he was “raped” by two doctors and forced to accept medical advice for which he had no alternative, did we have the greatest economy in recent memory? Has he supported all minorities, including jail reform that greatly affected black Americans; and, greatly increased support to Black Colleges and Universities? Before he was “raped” with bad information from the C.D.C., Fauci and Birx, were there more blacks, women and other minorities employed than at any time in history? Did he negotiate a more favorable trade deal to replace N.A.F.T.A., trade deals with South Korea, Japan, ChiCom, and E.U.? Has he removed the burden of irrational regulations that not only stymie but kill business development? Has he obtained funding to rebuild the Armed Forces? Did he force the E.U. to pick up more of their share of the N.A.T.O. load? And a few hundred more salutary actions, while being unfairly persecuted by the left and “never Trumpers” on the right! No Democrat could have done it or would have tried; they would be rolling the U.S. down the Globalist Road to Hell! So, I repeat, thank God we do not have Clinton.

That Democrats took the House is horrible but Soros and other leftist like Bloomberg poured millions of dollars into accomplishing that; Bloomberg bragged that he turned Virginia Red to Blue, and yes, there is a danger of losing the Senate, unless we contribute to hold it. Is R_mn_y a backstabber along with those Republican never Trumpers who buy his swill? They, in effect, would rather have socialism than Freedom and great economy with Trump. I have observed that crap (Socialism) up close and personal, studied it, and will fight it until my last breath. It does not matter how it is dressed; it is evil…to the core.

What my good Democrat friends seem to believe as Gospel, is that Venezuela will never happen in the U.S.; wrong! Venezuelans did not think so either, neither did Eastern Europeans, Cubans, and other Western Hemisphere Communist countries. Did “we” think that we would have communists in the House and Senate? Or Muslims dominating politics in certain locals? Was this Trump’s “fault”? I do not think so, it has been coming for a long time and many have been asleep. 

The walk over to the Church was symbolic, I believe that everyone knows that. That it put some off, is unfortunate. The message was clear to those who understood it. I am one of those who did. It was similar to MacArthur standing outside the bunker with Japanese planes flying over or similar to any other symbolic actions taken by leaders. If it had been Obama, the Leftstream media would be swooning. The Leftstream media is full of people who are congenital liars with a leftist agenda and perpetrate their falsehoods on the American people with abandon. I despise them for it.

I believe I understand your angst, on the other hand, I do not assume that I do and am open to your “wrath.”  Do I wish that the President had more of Reagan’s or Obama’s finesse? Absolutely, but then too, do I wish that Democrats had not sold their souls to the Devil? Was Cheetah “over the top?” Yes. But I was pissed and still am. No, Mattis is not a Benedict Arnold, he is a genuine patriot who is misguided and is effectively a partisan hack. This crap about the President “crushing” the Constitution is utter B.S!

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