A California longshoreman, who works at California’s San Pedro Bay Port Complex, said labor unions are exacerbating the supply chain crisis.

The longshoreman, identified to the media only as Alfred, blamed Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) for “cutting the work” at the port, which is forcing contain ships to remain at sea.

“They’re [PMA] the ones…crane operators, top handler drivers, trans drivers, They’re the ones who are keeping the ships out there at sea anchored,” Alfredo stated. He maintained “we have the manpower there, [they] just keep cutting the work.”

Alfred also questioned the union rules that prohibit the off-loading and stacking of containers because there is not enough space. “There are truck drivers that come in and are waiting for a chassis and the company does not allow us to give them it,” Alfred said.

The port backlogs have often been blamed on too few truck drivers. But a truck driver named Carlos Rameriz told reporters the ports are not releasing containers to the drivers. “It’s been the worst month I ever had. There is no work. They’re not releasing anything from [the port],” Rameriz said.

Rameriz also said many of the truckers are waiting three hours or longer to enter the port to pick up a container. The drivers are at the “mercy of longshoremen who operate on their own schedule,” Rameriz said.

Why This Is Important

The overriding question in all of this is why a backlog exists if the unions are alleged allies of the Biden administration? Truckers and port workers are coming out with the same testimonies that Alfredo and Carlos are offering up. So, why is there a supply chain issue at all?

It is increasingly obvious that everything that has transformed the United States from the prosperous nation it was just a year ago to the country in crisis that it is today is the result of what the radical Fascist and globalist Left has put into play.

Higher gas prices are the result of pre-mature movement to green energy and a jaded debilitation of the fossil fuel industry.

Higher prices and empty shelves at US grocery stores are the results of an unnecessary lockdown of the country at the hand of an opportunistic Democrat Party and Biden administration using a crisis to advance “change.”

Higher housing prices. Higher food prices. Higher taxes. Less freedom. More totalitarianism. More Fascism.

There is too much upended in too short a time for this to be cyclical or organic. We are seeing a capitulation of Americanism to the globalist elite of the World Economic Forum to co-opt sovereign nations through economics.

Please read up on The Great Reset and then read up on nullification. If we are to survive as a Republic, we must be knowledgeable on both.