Scores of House Republicans have expressed serious concern to three of President Biden’s Cabinet secretaries over reports that their agencies are contemplating giving illegal immigrant parents of families separated at the border under the previous administration $450,000 each.

Republicans have written a joint letter demanding answers from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Health & Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Forty-five House Republicans, including House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), GOP Caucus Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), have signed onto a letter authored by Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC).

In the letter, the Republicans outline their “severe concerns” over reports that the agencies are considering paying $450,000 to illegal immigrant parents – each – who were separated at the border under the Trump administration.

“The rationale for this egregious abuse of taxpayer dollars is to compensate these persons for ‘lasting psychological trauma,’” the lawmakers wrote in the letter. “Do, however, note that these persons crossed into our country in a knowingly illegal manner, fully aware of the consequences of violating our rule of law.”

“Promising tens of thousands of dollars to those who unlawfully entered the United States would not only reward criminal behavior, but it would surely send a message to the world that our borders are open and our rule of law will not be enforced,” the letter continues.

The lawmakers charged that the Biden administration “has been incentivizing illegal immigration since its first day in office” when he struck several Trump-era border policies, which the lawmakers wrote has led to “the worst self-inflicted border crisis in history.”

Why This Is Important

The idea that anyone in a position of power could be so politically tone-deaf and ideologically blinded to the point of believing that this is a good idea proves beyond doubt that the insane have assumed control of the asylum.

According to the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), on any given night there are 37,252 US military veterans living homeless on the streets of the United States.

Again, according to HUD, on any given night there are approximately 553,000 people living homeless on the streets of our country.

According to the US Census, in 2020, there were approximately 37.2 million Americans living at or under the poverty level.

So, the idea of giving close to a million dollars to families who knowingly – knowingly – attempted to break the law to get into the United States, is beyond insanity. It is an abdication of responsibility to constitutionally serve the American people.

The United States – for as much as the number rapists want to insist otherwise – is operating consistently in the red. There is no charitable “wealth” to be handed out to anyone, especially foreign nationals who purposely broke the law to come here.

The New York Times reports that under President Trump – the target of this stupidity, along with the half of the nation that voted for him, 5,500 families were disrupted because they chose to ignore US law and US sovereignty. That would total $4.85 billion in remittance to those who exist as scofflaws to our rule of law.

The federal government is not charged with righting the wrongs on foreign countries’ sovereign affairs. It is not charged with allocating charitable financial issuances in the name of the American people to foreign nationals. Yet, that is tantamount to the total of US foreign policy: raiding the US treasury to make the lives of foreign nationals better.

It is time for the States to claw back power from a spendthrift federal government who – literally – cares more about affecting change for every other peoples of the world over the American people. The only way to do that is to utilize nullification to “de-recognize” and decouple from federal laws and mandates that are wholly unconstitutional and damaging to our nation and her people.

That would require the drastic reconfiguration of how We the People remit our federal tax burden to the federal government. That will require some outside-the-box thinking on the part of the State governments and some governors and State lawmakers with some spine.