I suspect that you are wondering what my take is on the conviction of Chauvin. I cannot adequately express how relieved I am at the verdict of the trial. Not out of concern or fear of riots, I am relieved because as I told you early on, as I observed that scene of Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck, my mind’s eyes saw you (without any of Floyd’s baggage)! It infuriated me then and still does because you are my “brother” who I love with my life!

I have not watched the news on the subject other than the announcement of the results of the Jury. I did see where Maxine Waters called for rioters to be more confrontational with its intimidating effect. If it were a military court marital and I was the reviewing authority, I would throw the entire thing out for inappropriate “command influence” no matter how strongly I might personally feel. And…it might happen, it is not over, until it is over.

But, I loathe the violence against private property and people who were harmed by rioters last summer set on fire by fake news, and more recently; rioters (not protesters) is what they are, arguably insurrectionists many times worse than the idiots who broke into the capitol; I loathe the BLM and Antifa movements as fraudulent money machines for the benefit of race hucksters like BLM leaders, Sharpton and others; I especially loathe the race baiters who profit, like one of the founders of BLM who recently bought a home for $1.4 million dollars in addition to other properties; I loathe politicians of all stripes who try to make political points on the back of a dead man;  I loathe corporations who are playing politics with all of it; and I loathe Maxine Waters’ irresponsible comments ahead of the verdict. I loathe the information and entertainment media for their respective decidedly fake news and outright lying. And I especially loathe church leaders for being so self-absorbed and self-righteous that they do not preach the Gospel that in another day before they abandoned their moral imperatives and authority that would have created a wholesome and healthy society in the first place. 

As for the idiots who declare that “justice” was not done, to hell with them! For the family weeping crocodile tears while they spend the $35 million dollars they were awarded for Floyd’s death, may their tears be bitter and poisonous to themselves. They only care about their own notoriety and benefit and if I were a betting man, I would bet, despite their denials to the contrary, that they are glad Floyd is dead.

May Pelosi burn in hell for attempting to turn the poor bastard into a martyr. He did not sacrifice anything! He was already dying from his own drug misconduct. Floyd was no martyr; he was a hoodlum. Does that justify what happened? Hell no! But the billions of dollars of damage done across this country to people’s property and lives who had nothing to do with it, not to mention the adverse effect on racial and political environments, is inexcusable. And those who perpetrated and supported; or excused the riots in their official capacities should also be brought to justice (hello Kamala)!

To say that this was one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in U.S. History is an understatement. And being totally mindful of evil forces in “Tulsa,” rioters breaking into stores, stealing merchandise, burning the premises, and declaring that somehow their actions were justified are living in spiritual, social, and legal “La La” land.

Destroyers and political wags may not believe it, but at the end there will be a judgment that will make them, and their fraudulent “claims” of racial injustice with their destructive rhetoric and behavior seem like child’s play; and, THAT JUDGEMENT will be eternal. I hope that those at the center of the money and political kabuki will choke on their money and politics!  I fervently pray that God will bring a stop to this Satanic behavior, that He will help and heal America and that He will create an environment of genuine liberty and justice for all!

I love you brother. Peace!