Rush Limbaugh…in addition to being one of the most prescient people in the talking head industry, knew where his talent came from…He knew who he was…and who he wasn’t. He was “Talent on loan from God.”

We’ve lost a “personal friend.” He spoke directly to each of us, and on the almost never occasion that we disagreed we remained his friend and he ours. When he suffered, we suffered; when he rejoiced, we rejoiced; and we prayed for him during the last great challenge of his life. Now “the big voice on the right” lies silent, we have lost a great American and we shed tears of sadness for our loss and tears of joy for having known him.

We pray for God to comfort Rush’s family, his wife and his vast audience…Americans of all colors and creeds. Despite the acrimony that is certain to be heaped on him by the political left, he was a Great American among Great Americans…a great human being and a great Child of the King. Those who shunned him missed some of the greatest wisdom and political thought in modern America.

Thank you Rush, for your integrity, the talent you so freely shared with us, your passionate love for this country and most…your evident love of God. We will see you on the other side and until then will remain Rush “ditto heads.”

He let his light shine so that people would see his good works and glorify his father who is in Heaven. Thank your Lord God, Almighty Creator of the Universe for lending us Rush Limbaugh!

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