January 6th, as Antifa and useful idiots broke into the U.S. Capitol I received an almost frantic telephone call from a dear friend who had earlier capitulated to the left’s stealing the election, he stated in the initial conversation: “I’m a realist, it’s time to move on.” Now, my friend of more than forty years railed at the breach of the Capitol blaming Trump supporters for illegal behavior that should not be tolerated but disavowed and condemned. Unlike my friend, I do not care who they were especially since we do not yet know, but absolutely agree that whoever they were they should be disavowed, condemned, and punished for their actions.

What my friend evidently missed was the possibility that it was not Trump supporters but rather, democrat operatives (antifa) in a false flag operation intended to damage the Trump legacy and Republican Party. If one pays attention to the “leftstream” media, that is the precise result they sought and to some extent achieved. Spineless Republicans immediately caved without even questioning the source of the breach assuming the worst of Trump supporters while the “leftstream” media generalized miscreant behavior to the 74 million Americans who voted for the President. Anyone with even a modicum of common-sense rejects that abject stupidity out of hand. Tragically, common sense perished long ago in the “leftstream” media dominated political arena. In the meantime, one suspects that Democrats were quietly cheering at the spectacle.  Will anyone in the media, any media, have the intestinal fortitude to investigate it?

Before the day was over, the vote for Biden was certified and Biden is now poised to become the first dementia President in U.S. history. Am I a doctor? No. Does it take a doctor to recognize symptoms of dementia that Biden displayed during the entire campaign and now? No. So, I stick with my assertion that Biden has dementia, something that is openly evident by any sane observer, albeit not acknowledged in the entire “leftstream” media and body politic that like so much else, intentionally ignored to shape public opinion favorable to Biden. Just as that same “media” worked overtime the entirety of the past four years to malign the Trump Presidency. Now the left wants “unity,” obviously not the same “unity” that it used to tear America apart for the last four years. No, the left does not want unity it wants capitulation, kissing their boots, admitting to things that exist in but dominate their own twisted minds, the left wants totalitarian submission of everything that Americans think and do.  Some embrace that…I do not!

Whether or not the 25th Amendment will be invoked following the peaceful protest (as defined by the “leftstream” media during last summer’s riots) at the Capitol remains to be seen…my guess is that it will not come to be, and idiotic democrats’ (yes, “idiot democrats” is redundant) will move to impeach the President as though that can happen before the inauguration on January 20th, if indeed Biden makes it to inauguration. One may harbor no ill will for Biden per se, but rather for those who have chosen to ignore his condition and tell the public not to believe their lying ears and eyes.  And, to ignore the rampant corruption of Biden’s family and his personal connection to corruption in Ukraine as well as his son’s direct connections to the Chinese communist. These people are either blissfully ignorant of, or willfully complicit in marginalizing Biden’s corruption.

The “leftstream” and self-serving politicians on both sides of the political divide rail at Trump supporters for the actions of what were likely led by Antifa operatives shown at the link. https://politicrossing.com/pictured-proof-this-is-antifa/. That stated, were there unruly Trump supporters? It seems obvious that there were, but to be candid, one does not know exactly what to believe given the images of Antifa operatives in the mix. Let us see how it develops before rendering final judgment. Anyone’s guess that it could have been a mix of Antifa thugs posing as Trump supporters and misguided Trump supporters who got sucked in or were useful idiots for the left.

Given that Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel were responsible for security of their respective chambers with the Capitol Police their enforcement arm, all did an abysmal job. One writer summarized it spot on: The Arc of History ByStanley Ralph January 7, 2021 “Like the Boston Tea Party, yesterday was an inflection point in our history. We were all horrified at the loss of life, with no excuse for police using deadly force. And no excuse for not being better prepared to handle an incited crowd. And no excuse for DJT’s inciting them.”

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to further divide the nation, Biden chose to throw fuel on that flaming divide by asserting: “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol. We all know that is true, and it is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.” To which I state unequivocally, “Bull Shit! What the hell does that inane statement add except discord? To make such a statement is both irresponsible and insane…but insanity is the swill on which the left subsists. Mr. Biden’s demented brain cannot get it straight. It is tragic that he calls for unity then utterly discards unity in favor of racial discord. God help the U.S.A.!”

It is tragic that good people on the left (an oxymoron?) bought in to the Russia collusion lie that the President was a Russian asset. Show the evidence. But no evidence exists, except that the political left and their lemmings persist in believing the lie.  What has the President done to favor the Russians over the course of the last four years? As Russ Limbaugh loves to say, “Nada! Zero! Zilch!” On the contrary, he pressured Germany to use U.S. Liquid Natural Gas as opposed to a natural gas pipeline from Russia. He stationed U.S. forces in threatened Baltic states, deployed weapons to counter Russian medium range missiles, and terminated reliance on Russia for transportation the Space Station, among others. The following is a link to a more complete list of the President’s actions to blunt Russia. Trump Continues to Be Exceedingly Tough on Russia by Jeff Davidson (townhall.com)

On the other hand, there is a President (elect) for whom there is direct evidence of corruption with Ukraine (110) Joe Biden on the firing of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin – YouTube and China (110) Beijing Biden: We Want To See China Rise – YouTube, and Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate talks to ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ | Fox News but all we hear are crickets in the D.C. swamp and “leftstream” media.

Those on the left evidently want to believe anti-America, and anti-Trump lies. As I wrote to one leftist friend, “Good luck…You have what you wanted, now it’s yours to deal with. It is indeed tragic and stupid that the President let it get out of hand. It was bound to happen. Lies that the left perpetrated on the country for four years is (are) bearing fruit.”

Will the praise heaped on Judge Garland by the left be borne out? How will Garland behave after confirmation as Attorney General? Will he seek justice, with righteousness and integrity guiding his assessment of the work of AG Barr, and John Durham? Or bury it? Will he seek justice for the hundreds of thousand rioters of last summer with same zeal as for the relative handful who broke into the Capitol? Did those who broke in desecrate the Capitol the way that Antifa and BLM thugs did throughout American cities? Will we see “blind justice” from Garland, or ongoing hypocrisy that permeates the left? We will find out, won’t we?

Now, taking a deep breath despite ranting, and railings of both the left and the right, the video expresses my ardent and undying hope for our country, I urge you to make it yours. It is more important than everything than any writer or commentator has written or spoken.


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