I first became politically aware when General Eisenhower first ran for the Presidency. What I observed back then was an educational film in which the lesson was that political competitors ran for the office and upon conclusion of the election parties on both sides lay aside political differences and joined in the task of earning a living for oneself and family.  That was 1952 seven years after the end of World War II.

Even then it was apparent that I did not comport with democrat thinking since Eisenhower earlier led Allied Forces to victory in Europe and now democrats opposed him. How could they do that? To run and vote against the man who had brought victory against Hitler and Axis forces? What I have observed over the years since then is that conservatives/republicans are uniformly pro-America and democrats tend to support the adversary. For example, during the second Gulf War talking points of the enemy were virtually indistinguishable from democrat members of Congress, a strange paradox since both parties assert that they “love America.”

The contemporary example of democrat’s political malady is the Trump Administration versus Communist Chinese, wherein the latter lured American businesses to move operations to the Chinese mainland to enjoy an educated labor pool, low wages, non-union shops, low taxes and, which President Trump worked to reverse. In exchange for companies gaining access to the benefits of the Chinese markets, the Chinese communists required those companies abide by their dictates to share technical data, processes, and production techniques.

This unsavory situation had its genesis with the Nixon Administration during the Vietnam War when Henry Kessinger was first National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State. Kissinger was a master of the trade and had broad authority under the Nixon Administration to seek ways to blunt the inexorable expansion of communism and bring the “War” to an honorable conclusion. Vietnam War negotiations brought with them the opportunity to exit Vietnam with honor and at the same time open diplomatic relations with the Communist Chinese, relations that had been nonexistent since the communist rout of Nationalist Chinese and displacement of the latter to Taiwan in 1949.

Normalizing relations with the Chinese Communists was an opportunity to not only walk away from the Vietnam War with honor, but to offset the Russian threat, decrease belligerence of North versus South Korea, and ameliorate the North Korean proximate threat to Japan. The salient objective at the time was to use the weight of “normalization of relations” with the Chinese communists to bring an end to the Vietnam War. An initial breakthrough was made in 1972 and by March 1973 Prisoners of War held by North Vietnam were repatriated.  In May 1973, the U.S. opened a Liaison office in Beijing whose Chief was Herbert Walker Bush.

There was intense discussion within the U.S. government about how to proceed with respect to Communist China, with those who wanted expanded trade with the communists winning the argument that it would be best to engage the communist Chinese, (ChiComs) in trade in the mistaken belief that it would somehow “pacify” the communists and open the Chinese market to U.S. goods. In reality, the ChiComs absorbed huge sections of U.S. industry, including trade and military secrets that today are being used to advance not only the ChiCom economy but to build its military. The net effect has been quite different that the original planners had in mind, rather than “placate” the communists, it gave Phoenix like rise to traditional Chinese self-image as the “Center of the World.” In this instance it is being financed with profits purloined from U.S. companies and American consumers.

Enter Hunter Biden. The son of former Vice President Biden has deep and wide connections to the Communists of China’s government for more than a decade. How could any person achieve those connections at great personal gain without one scintilla of experience unless that person was the son of the then Vice President of the United States who was point man in relations with the Communist Chinese? There is a plethora of evidence including the public testimony of Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop and Joe Biden’s statements that point to corruption on a scale equaled only by the Clinton Foundation until HR Clinton lost the election to political novice Donald J. Trump.  But is there any investigation either in the Congress or the media on either the former Clinton corruption or contemporary Biden corruption? It was only recently revealed by Hunter Biden that he was under investigation by the FBI. “Houston, we have a problem” and in the words of Hamlet:

“To be, or not to be? That is the question—

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,…”

Now the nation is at a crossroads unlike any that previously existed. Whether to go forward with the fraudulent election of VP Biden as President, or to disavow obvious fraudulent election activity which the Courts have all but uniformly avoided and, in the process, allowed the U.S. Constitution to be trashed as never before in history? Or do patriots stand with those who reject the so-called, Biden “victory” as a fraudulent achievement; and do everything in their collective power under the aegis of the U.S. Constitution to bring about a fair and trustworthy result.

Semper Fidelis,


Copyright © December 20, 2020 by Robert L. Pappas. With proper attribution, this essay may be quoted and redistributed, except it may not be used in conjunction with arty advertisement without the author’s expressed written permission.