Kamala Harris reminded me of an elementary school bully–all she could do (besides NOT defend her horrible record in CA as San Francisco DA and CA  AG) is keep hammering Trump/Pence on COVID.  The reality and truth are that Covid was not the fault of or the responsibility of Trump—HE acted before anyone else to stop travel from China in January while the Dems called him hysterical.  Pelosi advised those in San Francisco to go ahead and party and dance in the streets as there was nothing to worry about.  Trump followed Fauci’s recommendations to the ‘T’.  DeBlasio of NYC, where the majority of deaths occurred, put COVID patients in nursing homes which caused huge death rates among elderly residents. Even Governor Cuomo of NY state criticized him for that.  So if anyone is even partly responsible besides China and WHO for hiding the pandemic outbreak when it might have been controlled, or the public’s choice of following recommended guidelines, it would be the ‘Trump-haters’ who have spent the past 3 1/2 yrs concocting baseless allegations against Trump, not to mention their spending billions of YOUR dollars with an investigation of the Russian collusion (scam) which yielded nothing on Trump or his advisors; and don’t forget it is now proved fact that Hillary Clinton communicated with Obama that she wanted to divert attention away from her illegal email scandal to something else —besides knocking Bernie Sanders out of the race—and so hired the Brit who concocted the Russian hoax to try and derail a Trump (or Sanders) victory.

Kamala Harris is none too intelligent since she could not answer questions about her position other than to say she “loves Joe” and Trump is a “failed administration” while flashing condescending smirks, smiles, and laughter at Pence. This does not suggest a disciplined rational person of leadership quality.  Frank Luntz, well-known non partisan who hosts groups of independent voters off-site to get their opinion on debates, noted that the majority of 15 independents from 6 swing states last night thought Pence was a clear winner over Harris given her behavior.  I would add that the moderator, just like Chris Wallace, asked certain questions which make presumptions NOT based on real science such as ‘manmade global warming’.  Pence could have shot that theory out of the park if he had wanted (or had time).  There is not one shred of proof that global warming is man-caused OR different from the cycles over the past hundreds of millions of years which are caused by solar flares.  Furthermore, those temperature spikes used by climate change cheerleaders DO NOT follow CO2 levels as proper analysis of their data shows CO2 spikes follow temperature changes, and even if so, no cause and effect has been proved by anyone. The professor who originally schooled Al Gore when he took a course in climate has already gone on record a few years ago apologizing for pushing an unproven theory.  Nor have the seas risen!  Nor did a deep freeze occur in the ’70s which was predicted by these charlatans!  So on the Paris Accord,  China and India will not comply and America is one of the cleanest nations on Earth; so why should we waste our time and money rejoining a powerless Accord which bases its existence in part on man-caused global climate change?  It is up to each nation to control their pollution levels which is a different matter entirely.
What about NATO along with the UN which have sucked most of their support from your tax dollars because prior administrations did not demand shared financial participation from other members? Trump entered the self-serving DC beltway and demanded that other nations pay their fair share (which they now are for NATO at least).
And where were the questions on violence and destruction of homes and businesses in Democrat-controlled cities while their mayors and governors just sat idly by—for the cause of Marxists using the racecard of BLM (founded by Leslie Cagan, a member of the Communist Party who is notable for founding Marxist causes using words which attract empathy rather than reveal their true cause)?  What about Charlottesville where the mayor ordered the police chief to have his officers stand down while destruction of statues occurred?  And the misquote in time of Trump for the purpose of claiming that he would not condemn white supremacists (while it is the Left destroying our nation), when in fact he has clearly condemned any and all violent  groups?
What about the air drop of hundreds of millions of dollars by the Obama-Biden admin to Iran to appease them while they continue to develop nuclear capabilities—part of an agreement signed off by naive European leaders and the Obama-Biden administration which
has no enforcement to stop Iran’s nuclear and terrorist aspirations?
What about defunding police and placing psychologists in violent confrontations to convince (the un-convincible) criminals to stop what they are doing?  Or the banning of so-called ‘assault rifles’ which are nothing more than semi-autos as are almost all handguns, when mass killings occur in the Democrat-engineered ‘gun-free zones’ which are open-hunting season for killers; AND criminals get guns no matter what restrictions are placed on legal gun ownership. What could the Left possibly want to accomplish?  How about disarming the public as happened in other Marxist nations.
Or what about Communist China stealing patents and taking advantage of America by paying cheap labor to attract our manufacturing to their mainland while American workers are without work in those areas of expertise?  Trump tried to address this and partially succeeded by allowing companies to repatriate and save taxes by doing so.  The Democrats claim they will restore manufacturing to America yet will raise taxes on those companies, the cost of which gets passed on to us.  The Democrat platform is a push for a return to more ‘globalism’ which puts America dead last on the list of beneficiaries.  Worse, the Democrat Party, which has been hijacked by radicals, panders to the Left (Communists, Marxists, nations which sponsor terrorism) while they let America burn down.
The Democrats oppose freedom of choice in education which is but one solution to poverty-striken communities where drugs and gun violence occur at horrendous rates (think Chicago), for they oppose charter schools. The poorest cities have been led by Democrats with empty-promises for more than 50 years—promises which never came true while Biden was serving 47 years in Congress!  At the same time his son and brother were paid millions of dollars courtesy of the influence Joe exerted on Ukraine and Russia while VP.
Finally,  the Democrats have no respect for the sanctity of human life in the womb and are ‘all in’ for Planned Parenthood which is on record as selling aborted fetal body parts and allowing partial birth abortions by killing the newborn even if born alive during the procedure.  Most of us believe that abortion should never be used for birth control but only when the mother’s life is in danger.  And regarding healthcare policy, any changes to current policy under Trump would preserve the availability of insurance for pre-existing conditions in spite of the Democrats’ false claim otherwise.  Furthermore, it has been shown that Universal Health Care as proposed by Democrats is not unaffordable even with increased taxation of the wealthy.
The coming election is about the road to socialism at best or Marxism at worst as opposed to a free nation based on our Constitution and a balance of powers.  A Democrat sweep destroys that balance, not to mention their plan to increase the number of seats on the SCOTUS in order to add some of their own ilk to the nation’s High Court.  THINK AND VOTE ACCORDINGLY!
Dr. Alan Bates