Trump’s accusers are jealous and hateful people; and whereas I don’t give the President a pass for his misdeeds, all of which he has paid for in spades, he is not as bad as they project him to be. The only reason they are doing this is out of spite, malice, jealousy and to “turn” everyday Americans who support him. In short to replace him with Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders…no, not Joe Biden, he’s toast.

Consider all the President has done for the country then tell me he is unfit. Until the ChiCom Virus, we had the best economic numbers in history, the best unemployment numbers since WWII, best employment numbers for African Americans, women, and other minorities, in history. He created economic zones for African Americans that netted those communities $75 billion, provided permanent support of African American colleges and universities, that no President ever did; and, he reformed the justice system to benefit mainly African Americans. He negotiated trade deals with China, replaced NAFTA, signed deals with South Korea, Japan and Taiwan; he has fully funded the U.S. Armed Forces after years of benign neglect and created the Space Force. He took out the world’s greatest terrorist; defeated ISIS although if you followed the media and the democrats, he killed a “saint.” He is forcing Europe and NATO to carry their share of the security load; and recently brokered the historical peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Finally, he is getting us out of the Middle East and at the same time protecting international interests in the South China Sea and the Taiwan straits.

He beat Clinton fair and square, despite all the lies about Russia and collusion, every bit of that has been totally debunked; he won because he out-hustled her on the campaign trail. Clinton is a Soros puppet and in fact the entire left establishment is in his hip pocket. He is a hateful man who wants to impose communism on this country although he uses capitalism to fund his effort. Yet the “leftstream” media paints him as a sweet old philanthropist. B.S.! He a hateful anti-Semite who in the words of the Washington Post “is trying to change the system that made him rich.”

The President does more for the country in one day than others have done in years, he is not controlled by his advisors, he controls them. He knows more about what is going on in his Administration than any President I have ever observed.  And no, he is not doing it for personal benefit, that’s a crock of crap. Why allow oneself to be put through the grief that he has? He gave up a good job and a huge real estate empire, to do what? To be abused by hateful people most of whom have no idea why they hate him; by hateful people who find his human frailties to trash him while he continues to work unabated for theirs and the Nation’s benefit.

He may not be the smoothest thing that ever came along but he has done more for America and Americans than any President in my lifetime.  I realize that we disagree on this but I can enumerate them. One reason that the left hates him is the false narrative of his racism or systemic racism both which are bald faced lies. Total BS! The Russia thing was made up and paid for and perpetrated by Hillary Clinton, the sorest loser and the worst candidate in history. A totally evil woman married to a totally evil man. I encourage you to watch something other than CNN and MSNBC. I watch them enough to know that they are either misrepresenting the facts, outright lying or omitting stories that should be aired.

You know that I opposed BHO…mine was honest opposition to his promise to “totally change America,” and everything he tried to do to accomplish that. Did I or conservatives go about destroying property, burning cities, killing people?

On the other hand the political left tacitly, if not actually condones the destruction of our cities, the killing of hundreds per year, and over time thousands of African Americans without as much as a blink in Chicago and other places. But when some policeman rightly or wrongly kills a black person in the line of duty, all hell breaks loose; it is a false narrative that honest people need to confront head on, and Leo Terrell civil rights firebrand has opened his eyes to see.

The left has hated Trump from the moment he announced his candidacy, although only moments before they loved him. They mocked him, they maligned him, they belittled him and he won. But why the instant hatred? It was because he promised, then did upset their comfortable money machine that cost American jobs to China, where they bellied up to the trough while American workers suffered. Although I bet that there are politicians on both sides doing it, a perfect example is Hunter Biden raking in $1.5 billion from the Communist Chinese…not to mention his $80K/month salary from the Ukrainian Gas company as a member of its board both with zero qualification or experience. Do you think that a person who had been thrown out of the Navy for drug abuse would get a deal like that if his Dad was not a man named, Joe Biden? What would your reaction be if one of the Trump children with the help of VP Pence pulled a “stunt” like that? Both of us would express justifiable outrage!  But, do you see any outrage in the “leftstream” media? No, because it is Fake News, and it shelters both Biden and his son. Then they have the unmitigated gall to try to project themselves as “patriotic” mainstream Americans. What a crock!

The left accuses the President of “dividing” the country when that is exactly what they are trying to do. The left and some RINOs accuse him of the very wrongful acts that they, themselves perpetrate. They would rather see the nation destroyed than see him re-elected…because he has upset their “apple cart.” See how I can accuse the left of the very thing that they accuse the President? Except, I am right!

I don’t know how the left will end, or if it will end as the nation gradually or rapidly descends into chaos led by the left. You see, blind power hungry hatred, whether right or left is still destructive. I listened with disgust at the left during its recent DNC convention accusing the President first, for lack of leadership; then for leading the country to destruction. How utterly inane. Name the things he has done to harm this country, unless you and they believe that fighting for it is wrong…if that is the case, then you and I have been wrong; and, I know enough about socialism and communism to know that what we fought for and defended this country against was right and righteous.

On the other hand I believe that the country’s best years are ahead, that the President will win re-election in a lopsided victory, that there will be a gradual but huge shift from the overheated hatred of the left to unity that will overcome the evil and darkness of the left and open the doors to progress and National unity despite the left’s best efforts to defeat it.  I believe that the goodness and vision of the Trump agenda will bury the darkness and hatred embodied in the Sanders/Cortez/Biden/Harris/Pelosi vision. I believe that even many folk who harbor an abiding bias against the President will join Leo Terrell and other wise African Americans like him in genuine patriotic and spiritual rebirth, opening their eyes to the destructive reality of the socialist/communist agenda to the opportunities offered by individual initiative, vision and liberty of the Trump/Pence/Americans first agenda.

God bless you brother,