It is high time we address the pervasive violence and property destruction occurring across America today because it is not all about George Floyd.  This requires an understanding of history, how the welfare state has actually hurt more than it has helped by disincentivizing those who benefit from it from pursuing education or work and most importantly resulted in a higher incidence of fatherless black children.  The intact family is critically important for teaching children moral and ethical values and the value of life, but unfortunately that has been lost in many minority communities. It is notable that  most adults in minority communities (not a topic of the MSM) plea for police protection from violence and crime committed by today’s ‘youth’ while anarchists wish to dissolve law enforcement.  So loss of the intact family is the overarching first point.

Second,  there is just as much discrimination today against whites as against blacks but that is never a topic of the MSM.  At one level this manifests as hiring based on color and not qualifications through affirmative action programs.  And when whites are killed by blacks in disproportionate percentages to their percentage of the population where are the white protesters?  Crime statistics in 2012-2013 show that  96% of white offenders committed violent crimes against other whites and only 5% against blacks. However, black offenders committed half of their violent crimes against whites and the remainder against their own race, especially in Chicago and other urban hotspots; but interestingly the left-leaning media and BLM do not seem concerned about that.  Furthermore, the number of police officers killed by black assailants in 2019 was over 18 times higher than the number of unarmed blacks killed by police.  YES there are bad cops of both races, but most departments offer extensive training on how to handle encounters especially with minorities (so they don’t get blamed for brutality), while this is not so much the focus on how to treat white assailants.  

Third, radicals on the Left wish to destroy the republic and capitalism through anarchy and mob violence. Their foundational belief is that the entire white race is ‘racist’ while ignoring the internal needs which the minority communities must address (family).  These destructive groups must be purged but most Democrat officials are either intimidated by them or agree with their tactics in an attempt to take control of the Federal government and ‘We the People’.  The result is they permit violence and property destruction while handcuffing their law enforcement.  THAT is what upsets most Americans and President Trump (again not to dismiss the incident which occurred with Floyd and also a similar one which occurred with Tony Timpa, a white man in Dallas last year).  Infiltration of peaceful protests by radical groups endangers peaceful protesters and their cause.  The Democrats’ rush to constantly use the race card is insulting to most Americans and obvious to anyone with a brain and who recognizes that since the ’60s much has occurred to change discriminatory practices against all minorities, even to the point of discriminating against whites in the job market. Past history certainly shows there were oppressive issues for blacks, but today the greatest issue is they don’t look to solving the problems within their own race–and many black leaders attest to that. Moreover, the Democrat Party was hijacked by the Left beginning with the Obama era.  He and AG Eric Holder explicitly “let no tragedy go to waste” and purposely reversed any progress in race relations by making spectacles of Ferguson and other incidents which were clearly defensible against minority assailants.  

Donald Trump when elected wanted to elevate black minorities to better education, jobs, and better living conditions–and he made sure such opportunities were provided. The black unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in history (at least until the pandemic which is colorblind), but such heinous occasional police incidents have been used by the Left and its media darlings to invent a new term—‘systemic racism’ in addition to their oft used label of ‘white privilege’, neither of which exists for reasons I have cited above.  The Left’s call to have a ‘conversation’ is a hollow request as any conversation is always subverted using Alinsky’s rules (for radicals) in order to accomplish their goal of power over the people at the expense of our republic and the freedoms we are all guaranteed in the Constitution. 

Dr. Alan Bates