The dirty little secret among Muslim Arabs and Iranians, that would be roughly Sunni and Shia Muslims, is that treachery has been their religious and ethnic pastime for eons. They do not trust one another, they betray for sport, and their hatred for one another is exceeded only by their unity of hatred for America, the symbol, albeit not the essence of Christianity; and of Israel.  Their treachery is manifest daily throughout the Muslim world, backstabbing and beheading one another, then proclaiming Muslim ummah. The latter is utter nonsense.

Even if contemporary Israeli-Palestinian turmoil were not a factor, Muslims would be at one another’s throats over their disparate religious sects.  There would still be despotic, evil regimes; and there would be intrigue and wars against one another. Yet, they would find time on a clam day to conspire with N. Korea Iran, Cuba, Russia and Communist China to destroy America, and Israel.

Muslim nations will remain sources of treachery and violence against Christians and Jews unless and until, whether or not anyone cares to admit or give it life, Islamic world domination is achieved. “Surely these are peaceful people.” Of course, they are, Islamic style. From infancy they are brainwashed, trained in empty spiritual falsehoods and taught to hate anyone or anything that does not comport with their religion. Even in moderation, they are collectively religious fanatics bent on world domination. The domination they envision is totalitarian in nature, like Communism of the 20th Century, and latter day American political liberals who would have Government control and direct every aspect of life in the guise of “compassion,” or security. And Democrats embrace them at their own peril.

During the last century the world witnessed the rise and fall of Nazism and Communism resulting in the untimely demise of approximately one hundred million innocent people in the process.  But if Fundamentalist Islam is successful in its quest, the aforementioned dead will be trivial by comparison.

They paint themselves as pure, with religious “justice” that includes sanctimonious robes, turbans, bearded faces…and summary beheadings. For all the evil, corruption and decay in the West, and there is plenty including: abortion on demand, pornography, drug abuse, free and perverted sex. That decadence is exceeded only by one other socioreligiouspoleconomic culture…Islam.

Semper Fidelis,

Robert Pappas

(c) Robert L. Pappas 020220, this essay may be redistributed and referenced only in complete context