I started to read your article on Removing the President with an open mind, but when I ran across this: “But the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents.”

It became abundantly clear to me that either you do not know the facts, have been only listening to Democrats, are ignorant or worst of all, are lying. At that point in your article I concluded that you were so completely biased that I stopped reading.

You, nor the Democrats have been able to prove that poisonous assertion. I read the transcript and nowhere in the Transcript is there pressure to coerce anyone. I’ve heard all the arguments on both sides and am not acting as judge, we’ll leave that to the Lord, but what disturbs me is that you have bought into the Democrat lie. Oh, yes, I’ve heard all the so called objective reporters say that he shouldn’t have said what he did…I disagree.

The fallacy of your argument is that it is based on assumption that Mr. Biden is going to be the Democrat nominee. Does that assumption even if it is valid, which I challenge, mean that someone who commits a crime can run for office then have his political party and you provide a shield against his crime because he is running for office? If you believe that, you have been deceived. Suppose he is, then is elected, will the Democrats and you demand he be impeached since he is on the record as demanding something in exchange for a billion dollars? Care to defend that?

I am not a reader of CT, this ugly stain certainly does not endear me to it.
I really don’t care who you voted for, or what your credentials are, there will be a judgement and you will have to answer for your slime in this instance.

Is the President perfect, no. Was Obama, did you go after him and demand that he be impeached when he repeatedly lied about the Affordable Care Act to the detriment of millions of Americans? How about GW Bush’s assertions of WMD in Iraq, did you demand that he be impeached and removed?

I pray the Lord will convict you of your wrongdoing here and bring you to your knees. But I doubt you would humble yourself even as He convicts you. Pride which no doubt is a fault of the President, is resident in you…

Woe unto you vipers who live in whited sepulchers.

Robert Pappas