Many Americans watched the “Impeachment” hearings and are now bracing for the second round. The Schiff hearings started off with 12.7 million viewers shrinking to 8.25 million by week’s end, not exactly the way Democrats had hoped.

There has already been much ink spilled explaining why, but one thing is certain, it was a bust for Democrats. Of course, that is not how Democrats assessed it, intoning that it was not what they wanted to do but were required to do so by the Constitution. Of course, “the Constitution required it” because Donald J. Trump was the object, but had it been Barack Hussein Obama in the exact same circumstances, the Hearings would have been structured to showcase that his actions were both cerebral and “gutsy.”  

What we are dealing with on the Democrat side is mass delusion, hatred even psychosis on a grand scale and on the way to total collapse of credibility. And they are not alone, much of the media generally fosters their mental state with 24/7 grist of marginally accurate if not totally false statements and/or news stories. Watching the Hearings live followed by media analysis one was confronted with completely different outcomes from the same testimony. On the one hand MSNBC/CNN reports cataclysmic results for the President while Fox News reports a disaster for House Democrats.

One MSNBC analyst acknowledged that she had predicted collapse of the Trump White House before, in fact that she had done so repeatedly during the Mueller Investigation, but this time collapse was certain to come. President Trump has been maligned by so many for so long for what in each instance turned out to be a “red herring,” other distraction or completely false charge, that one might guess that even the most anti-Trump person would become disillusioned and turn to more productive endeavors.

Three years into the Trump Presidency, Democrats have done little to advance the state of the Union. Their entire focus has been to undo the results of the 2016 election rather than perform their legislative duties, and work with the President to advance the interest of the American people. Where there have been opportunities in such areas as trade, infrastructure, health care, education and immigration to name some important areas that need to be addressed, Democrats have been so eager to damage the President and undo the results of the 2016 election that they have set those aside to deny any kind of “victory” for the President.

In those areas where there was opportunity before Democrats took over the House, significant progress was made with the notable exceptions of “Obamacare” and securing the Southern Border.  However, House Republicans under the leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate under Mitch McConnel enacted a tax cut that combined with executive actions by the President paved the way to a record-breaking economy. Interestingly, Democrats and their allies in the media have repeatedly predicted that the economy is about to go into recession, a prediction that has not only not materialized but which predictions have proven to be entirely inaccurate, with record employment in every demographic measurement, record Stock Market prices and increases in wages that had been stagnant for decades.

When the President predicted “we are going to win, win, win, until you grow tired of winning,” he was speaking with the knowledge and a vision of what was possible. One can only imagine how much winning would have taken place for all Americans had House Democrats been for, rather than being opposed to America.

Semper Fidelis,

Bob Pappas

© By Robert L. Pappas, 11/30/19, this essay may be used by anyone if it is done in context and with proper attribution.