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“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”
~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

If non-Muslims want their religions and cultures to survive, they must first study and understand those who wish to ultimately destroy them. Thus it is critical that they understand Islam.The word ‘Islam’ means submission. Islam is dualistic – there is a religious Islam and a doctrinal Islam which are sometimes contradictory, but both are true in the Islamic world – hence, duality, a concept which is foreign to non-Muslims. To clarify, if there is a conflict in the Islamic documents, either point of view may be used by Muslims to justify in the most convincing manner the point they wish to make to non-Muslims. You will never hear a Muslim contradict the ultimate goal of Islamic doctrine – establishment of a global caliphate, which means conversion of all non-Muslims (called infidels or “Kafirs”) to Islam. Nor will a Muslim deny Jihad, which means “struggle” or “resist,” as methods to achieve their goal. What many non-Muslims do not understand is that Jihad includes a variety of options including monetary payoffs, verbal and written negotiations, and violence when necessary.

The initial Koran of Mecca did not advocate Jihad and states that infidels will be dealt with in the afterlife, but the Islamic prophet Muhammad ‘supplemented’ the Koran (called the Koran of Medina) in 632 AD and introduced the Sira (the biographies of Muhammad) and the Hadiths (traditions of daily living which are synonymous with the teachings, actions and beliefs of Muhammad). All three together are known as the trilogy – advocating that all good Muslims should pattern their lives after their prophet Muhammad.

While in Medina, Muhammad’s ultimate actions were to enslave, torture or kill non-Muslims and to enforce Sharia which embodies rigid laws and customs which include the brutal torture or enslavement of those who do not conform to the practices of Muhammad. In an Islamic world, women are relegated to a much lower status than Muslim men with a heavy price to pay for violating the strict laws imposed upon them.

So Islam is much more than a religion but also an entire culture with defined political, judicial, and penal systems wrapped in its religious cloak, characterized by intolerance for non-Muslims as demonstrated throughout history by the slaughter of millions of Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and even in Europe. Slaughter continues today throughout Africa and the Middle East.

But Islam also patiently infiltrates nations, initially in somewhat subtle and deceitful ways. Islam has established a foothold in much of Europe and even in several cities in the United States (Dearborn, MI and parts of Philadelphia for example). The Muslim Brotherhood which adheres to the tenets of Islam has a foothold in the White House under Barack Obama.

Non-Muslims must remember that anyone who is not Muslim (this includes atheists) is a Kafir and that there are two sets of laws in Islam – one for Muslims and the other for Kafirs who may be killed, tortured, or, in exchange for being allowed to live alongside Muslims, made to pay a jizya (monetary poll tax). That latter group of non-Muslims are known as dhimmis. Importantly, the doctrine of Islam permits Muslims to lie to or deceive non-Muslims in order to achieve the global caliphate. These lies are called taqiyya. They often state what a non-Muslim wants to hear, softening the true intent of Islam.

Christians wrongly assume that all religions are tolerant of others. Today this is largely true with one exception – Islam – which is slowly spreading throughout the world and into the West. The only way for the religions and cultures of non-Muslims to survive is to first understand and then take actions to resist Islam – and with brute force if necessary. As for ‘radical’ Islam, it is merely the more violent approach to achieving a global caliphate – not the only approach, but nevertheless represents Islam. The ultimate goal of all Muslims is the same unless they are apostate – disobedient to the commands of Muhammad.

Brigette Gabriel, who founded Act for America, a citizen action network that promotes national security and the defense of American republican values against the assault of radical Islam, was born in Lebanon to Christian parents and as a child witnessed the tyranny of Islamic armies until she was rescued by Israeli troops. She immigrated to the United States some years later.

During her recent address to the United Nations she stated:

“Evil dwells when courageous men become bystanders. Lies spread when the informed become silent. Society deteriorates when apathy replaces activism. Tyranny comes when leaders become mediocre and haters become organized. Today we are summoned to lead our communities and our nations, we are summoned to wake up the apathetic and inspire the despaired, to silence the liars and educate the concerned, to speak tolerance instead of resentment, forgiveness instead of revenge, love instead of hate, peace instead of war.”

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