President Obama’s attempted fist bump

“Keep the faith”.  It has been said for hundreds of years across every aspect of the military.  Yes, other people outside the Department of Defense have used this statement for their own purpose.  The meaning is something other than what I believe it is thought to mean by The One.  Maybe in Union Land where keeping the faith means “I know things are bad, but remember we need to keep voting Democrat” or “I know we screwed up but keep faith in our ability to make this pile of garbage into a mountain of gold” but for those who have served faithfully it means something completely different.

My battle (term for close friend who I share a fox hole with) was nervous.  He had never seen combat and fear crept into the front of his brain.  It started to take over his speech, decisions, and actions.  I stopped him from cleaning his weapon while it was loaded.  I looked into his eyes and saw the fear growing inside.  I asked him about it and he broke down immediately.  He was afraid of death; nothing new to anyone who has seen combat.  I talked with him very sternly and gave him a direct order “You do not have permission to die”.  His eyes got big and I saw the light come back to his soul.  He knew I was with him and would not let him down.  I could not afford to have him let me down either.  I depended on him just as much as he was depending on me.

After our first engagement (and refit, chow, and rest) I asked him about his fear.  He was still afraid but the darkness that turned to light was now a burning fire in his eyes.  It was not anger, but determination.  Fear is always there, but it is how it is dealt with that makes all the difference in the outcome.  His statement to me was “Keeping the faith, brother”.  He understood that I was afraid as much as he was.  He understood that the person beside you must keep their head about themselves just as much as you.  It is faith in your brother or sister in arms.  Faith that they will do their job without fail.

One of the consistent reviews I receive from individuals I work with is “He will get the job done no matter what”.  People don’t often like me when I am in charge of them, but I don’t get paid for popularity unlike politicians. This determination to see a job done comes from “keeping the faith” with employees, owners, and customers.  This gives faith to those individuals that no matter what happens, no matter how difficult, no matter how ugly the situation, I will make the hard call to make sure it succeeds.

Faith requires routing evil, incompetence, apathy, and a multitude of other obstacles.  This requires the power to make decisions on who is in the organization.  Without this power, the person in charge is no more than a paper tiger.  Threats become suggestions.  Change becomes meaningless.  Motivation becomes self-indulgent.  Faith is a myth, much the same way main stream media treats Christianity.  Without faith in God, God is replaced by The One.  This man-child idol represents fulfillment to those who have no god to bow to.  This results in individuals bowing to government, with The One at the throne.  Now this “god” asks us to keep faith in him, his picks of demigods, and a religion of government.  Just like the Greek gods of old, without prayers to them they will die.  To keep the power, The One asks for prayers from us.  With these prayers the individuals he has appointed as demigods remain in place.  With the demigods retaining their position, no one is replaced for their evil, incompetence, apathy, or the multitude of other obstacles.

Each soldier, marine, airman, and seaman has their own faith in those who they serve and for those that serve them.  This does not require acceptance or permission from whoever sits on the throne at the time.  Throughout history this tenant of military service has held fast.  They fight for the man/woman on their left and right, not the god, king, or dictator behind them.  They must keep the faith with each other to protect each other.  This is the only way to get home, and they all want to go home.

Now with these veterans home and injured, The One is asking for our service again.  It was not enough for us to shed blood on the battlefield.  Now we must serve and “keep faith” with someone who has never served, does not understand serving, faith, or keeping anything that is not politically advantageous.  I am done serving.  I served for almost half of my life.  I got paid for my service and thank all the people who paid their taxes.  I served the American people.  I served to protect the Constitution.  I served to preserve the Republic.  I did not serve to keep The One in good favor.  He will be gone and another person will sit in the throne room.

For those individuals who were not injured during service, I praise and appreciate you.  I do this because you will not be asked to continue to serve anymore.  Your time is done.  For those of us who were injured, lifetime service is still asked of us.  We must be “patient” with the Veterans Administration and their issues.  We must accept the demigod in power who will not change because it makes them look bad.  We must serve their timeline.  We must accept the faults in the system that makes us wait months and years for care.  We must “keep the faith” with incompetence.  We must “keep the faith” with apathy.  We must “keep the faith” with evil.

I don’t think The One has any understanding of “keep the faith”.  What I do know is that for every current and former member of the services, I will keep the faith in serving you in any way possible.  The unspoken bond remains.

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Author: John Phillips U S Army (RET)

John retired from the Army. He lives with his family in Florida.

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