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Medgar Evers once said “You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea”.  The idea of freedom is the one that the progressives openly despise.

My economics teacher explained money as stored energy.  The premise that energy spent to produce a service or product is transformed into money.  It is then transported to the market to trade for other goods and services that people spend energy they produce themselves.  So money is a vehicle for energy; much as a battery.  Where that energy is spent is our decision.  We purchase batteries for a multitude of activities to use in our vehicles, toys, remote controls, phones, computers, and more.

Mr Obama has enjoyed millions of dollars at his disposal, outside of government agencies, to wield power for himself, his friends, and associates.  These come as “donations” to groups that are in direct contact with the president.  As for pet project groups such as Organizing for America, who do not have “direct” contact with the president yet continue to do everything in their power to travel the same road he does, their reporting of who is donating and how much are left up to them to reveal.  This is politics of money.  How the energy is used.

With all the laws that the Federal Election Committee (FEC) lays at the feet of those who practice politics, and for those who seek to influence elections, and for those who have access to powerful people, and for those who have special interest groups; they all have vast coffers of money to use the laws.  For the constituents, these “groups” are the only way their voice is heard.  So, the money we have is the energy we spend on making our voices known.  No different than putting a battery in a megaphone.  It amplifies our speech.

Fair enough, everyone who is in politics uses this venue.  Got it.

How much pressure do you apply to an individual who uses energy on something that is failing?

Let’s take Mr Obama’s use of federal tax dollars to shore up the failing companies who are trying to produce alternative forms of energy.  So an investment of energy (money) is transferred (via IRS to the Department Of Energy) to a company (attempting to make energy (money) out of light) by someone (POTUS) who has never produced any energy (money) in his life is using the energy (money) of those who work every day (tax payers) to produce stored energy (money) that is transferred (IRS) to the government (Mr Obama) to be spent on investments (loses) in energy (money) that has failed (epic) each time it has been tried.  Until now, Mr Obama has gambled with other people’s (tax payer’s) energy (money), and failed each time to produce a return on that investment.  So not only is he a gambler, but a bad one at that.  There are gambling addiction programs that I suggest Mr Obama attend.  His ability to produce a return on investment (ROI) is pathetic at best.  I dare say that had Mr Obama only done this one time, he would not enjoy the criticism that is prevalent in his epic failure to pick a winner.  His time in private sector business would last little more than six months with this strategy.  Yet through this, George Soros energy (money) keeps flowing to Mr Obama in various ways.  Mr Obama has power from the stored energy of George Soros.

For another example, turn the page to Dr. Dinesh D’Souza.  He has written a dozen books, using his talent and energy (money), to produce products that have each given him a return on investment (ROI) for his time.  Dr. D’Souza’s words and work have not always met agreement with everyone.  His goal is not to make friends, this is obvious.  Out of his multitude of talents and accomplishments he decided to endorse and help a person who wished to enter politics.  For this, Dr. D’Souza decided to spend his energy (money) on the effort of an individual who would give him a voice.  The person he supported failed miserably.  Miserably as in a landslide loss.  Miserably as in Dr. D’Souza should stay away from Las Vegas for his own good.  Again, who’s money did he lose?

I refuse to get into the minutia of how laws are written.  The fact remains that the simplest answer is the truth.

I see that a man who took his efforts to produce energy (money) spent it on his ability to have his voice heard.  Though fruitless, he used his own energy (money); not someone else’s without a voice to determine its investment.

Here comes the FEC beating the drum of “fraud” against Dr. D’Souza.  The only difference between Dr. D’Souza and George Soros is how the money was funneled.  Because a single man, with little active political background, did not have an advisor and team of accountants to handle his money, he is charged with making his voice heard in a very small part of the ocean of politics.  This is attempting to kill all the mosquitos by hunting a single one.  This begs the question; why would an agency like the FEC possibly needs to kill one mosquito?

The simplest answer: to make an example of him.  This is using a sledgehammer to kill the mosquito.  Obviously there is fear in the government when a single individual, out of the 314 million people in this country, can bring the attention of national levels.  But was it Dr. D’Souza or his idea that frightens the people who occupy the government?

Ideas cannot be killed.  Keep your mind.  Keep in contact with others who will not be silenced.  Tecumseh gave the answer “My forefathers were warriors. Their son is a warrior. From them I take only my existence; from my tribe I take nothing. I am the maker of my own fortune; and oh! that I could make that of my..people, and of my country, as great as the conceptions of my mind, when I think of the Spirit that rules the universe.”  Believe it to be in your mind, and it will be so.

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Author: John Phillips U S Army (RET)

John retired from the Army. He lives with his family in Florida.

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