Guilt: America’s guiding principle

Equal protection under the law; sure.  That whole constitution thing; just a dream.  Really, who here in this overbearing country could possibly believe that Americans are somehow special?  Who made them that?  This lame question is presented over and over.  We should feel guilty for this, and that, and everything we have worked for.  We should give away our wealth.  We should help those with less.  We should feel guilty for not housing the homeless.  We should stop punishing people who have committed crimes who had a bad upbringing.  On and on, the drivel goes.

Enough!  Through years of pain, people of this country have taken advantage of the freedom that others bled to gain.  Their years of sacrifice and suffrage, to gain a foothold for their heir’s future, are taxed into oblivion.  Now the sanctimonious “do nothings” come to explain how the work that you have done is not enough and you should give more.  It is never enough.  Yet people continue to commit crimes by taking advantage of systems put in place by people who have never held the responsibility of payroll.  It is so easy to give away someone else’s money when you feel bad about how the person receiving it has suffered.

How about the person who earned the money given away?  What voice is given to them?  With the tax system presented in today’s environment, the equal protection is only a myth.  Given that 50% of Americans pay for 100% of the bill, there is no guessing who votes for what.  Those who produce do not wish harm or squalor for those who do not pay anything; they want the other 50% to have some skin in the game.  Borrowing money to gamble away is not a loss for the loser; it is a loss for the person who lent the money.  Same as borrowing money from China to give to people, who don’t pay taxes, yet persecute those who pay 100% of the tax bill as evil rich people.  Those reading this already are nodding their head; I am not talking to you.  I am talking to those who have not pushed themselves to do the math.  It is simple math.  Maybe it is the school system who refuses to fail Johnny for getting 2+2 wrong.  This is not 1984.  This is not Big Brother.

Wait, no; it is 1984.  It is Big Brother.  It is doublespeak. 2+2 does equal 5.

The country that has produced more money in the past 238 years than in the thousands of years preceding our existence has given money to other countries, brought food and water to those who did not have it, given billions in aid, research in fighting disease, built infrastructure where none existed, developed technology for international commerce, given hope to the hopeless, freed the oppressed, brought tyranny and communism to its knees.  Yep, we should feel guilty about the money we have made because of the freedom we enjoy.  So the answer is to take freedom away.  That way there are no more producers and therefore no more money makers so the rich become poor and now someone can be our king to rule over all us poor people.  Nowhere in history has a nation of poor governed itself.  Invariably it has been taken over by some dictator or another country.  So, keep it up and in the mean time I will learn Chinese and Arabic to make sure I can speak to our new master.

For you individuals, who need math lessons, let me know so I can tutor you to understand that ½ of 100 does equal 50.

De Oppresso Liber – freeing liberal minds everywhere.

Author: John Phillips U S Army (RET)

John retired from the Army. He lives with his family in Florida.

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