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I was reading in Townhall about the efforts to save the Detroit Institute of Art, and the article, by Derek Hunter, is cogent, hard hitting, and deadly accurate.  In outlining the real problems, he demonstrates this shindig over the art institute is essentially meaningless in the large picture, not accounting for a fraction of a percent of the real debt.


This is also an accurate picture of the efforts being made to save America’s economy and our existence.  We are regaled with the “national debt”, but no one will stand up and call it the congressional debt, or the “government debt”.  This is problem number one.  If you don’t identify a problem, you are hardly likely to fix it.


We are a nation embroiled every day in serious science questions, and moral and ethical answers, solutions, as well as new confrontations.  We consider ourselves responsible, forward thinking, and capable of solving our, as well as the whole world’s problems, yet we won’t even begin to talk rationally about them.


We want the whole world to think we operate on logic, reason, the truth, all these basic foundations of “Reason”, yet the one thing which no Nation can ever ignore and survive, is its economic fortunes and futures, and we won’t go further than pretend we are willing to deal rationally with the “make or break” issue confronting us.


Economics is a science, or at least can be, when it is desired, meaning statements can be made which are unassailable, stated as absolute facts, things such as relative values, what happens when actions are taken, yet in spite of this fact, our government and every public government treats economics as if it were a deep, dark secret of “black magic”, and only specially trained gurus can understand it, and manage money when it gets beyond a paycheck.


When I was about seven or eight, I discovered our monetary system was fake, it wasn’t at all what was described in the books I read.  It didn’t meet the standards of the constitution, and the more I read, the more I realized it wasn’t, because people deliberately changed it from a real monetary system to a monopoly money system even while my grandparents first were told to turn all their money in, by FDR in a radio address, 1 October, 1933, allowing to the end of the month for all gold and gold certificates be turned in, “to prevent the failure of our government”.


I only noted this because I had started making jewelry out of silver, and it suddenly disconnected from the value of our “new money”, as silver was removed from circulation and replaced with sandwich coins.


Everywhere I studied, it was clear the entire issue was one of taking advantage of a crisis, and using it to completely change the relationship of government to “The People”, the exact purpose being to remove the “consent” requirement from government, and allow them to operate without it, against our own best interests, and in such a manner guaranteed to bring on the destruction of our economy and the nation.


Throughout history, the moment a nation’s currency was undermined, no longer secure, that nation was on its way down.  Until our own century, no nation ever survived a 20% inflation or devaluation of its currency, and by the time it reached such a point, it was retreating out of all its advances.


We are expected to take the discussions regarding the government debt being run up seriously,  though rational constraints were summarily discarded at the last go around.  I know we’ve been “kicking this can down the road” as a Nation longer than I’ve been alive.  This metaphor has been used my entire life as a pejorative for the actions we’ve allowed our representatives to get away with.


If “kicking the can” is wrong now, the first setting of the can and kick was wrong.  If we are going to do right, we must do different.


To stop “kicking the can” we can only do one thing:  call our monopoly money system for what it is, call it unconstitutional, dust off the constitution, look at those ancient bills passed, and remember we actually established the dollar as “371 grains of fine silver”, as per the constitution, and we “coined such money as was necessary for the conduct of business”.


Don’t call this hard or harsh, getting back to the truth after lying for a century is tough.



Wink, wink, nod, nod


Watch almost any detective show or police show these days, and you will see officers get in situations there isn’t a good way out of.  Wackos work terrorism, right wing Christian extremists set up to blow up an abortion mill, and the situation is one which can’t be addressed in normal, standard order and manner.  For some reason, someone has to “break the law violate oath, bend things”, so they can move “behind the scenes” and make things “resolvable”. We are treated to a situation no leader can simply tell subordinates to do, and yet rules must be broken to make things work.  We watch the “wink, wink, nod, nod” of the chief essentially stating “I won’t see that, and I don’t have your back if you get caught” being an integral part of a realistic scenario.


As a Marine technician, I worked on old, antiquated electronics, much being left over from the Second World War, some from before the war.  If we didn’t fix the gear, the radar equipment, radios, navigation equipment, those aircraft didn’t fly.  When I needed parts that couldn’t be had, I knew where they could be found, got permission to visit the “Defense Reutilization Office” where I was able to “dumpster dive” in the scrap metal bins, and retrieve old electronics being replaced with new, in aircraft being rebuilt with new upgrades.


We broke rules to keep aircraft flying, but we did so knowing the physical and technical realities, the engineering standards, and we also knew any error we might make would be a full blown court martial.

We have a situation today where the ramps of the George Washington Bridge were selectively closed at a crucial election time, and we’ve only found out about this because of a couple of email exchanges have come to light.  The wording of Christie’s Chief of Staff’s email, “time for thus and such town to endure some traffic problems”, demonstrated there had been a plan made, and ultimately, carried out.


It appears at least two people died because of this political retribution, visited upon citizens, to cause discomfort for a mayor who didn’t endorse Governor Christie.  The governor immediately fired his chief of staff, and the State DOT head who fulfilled the order has resigned, several others have resigned or been shuffled about, all suggesting there was no knowledge or plan known to Chris Christie.


I was taught as a boy, “one is either responsible or irresponsible, there is no place in between, and by all logic, particularly in critical issues, this must be an absolute.  More than anything else, Governor Christie wants for the whole thing to just go away.  He wants no part of it, no finger pointing, no onus on himself but consider this:  who would commit such a major act, without specific authority, without being told, knowing the person responsible for this would be responsible for whatever outcome took place.


The republican end of the government party wants to exonerate Christie, because he is “capable of beating Mrs. Clinton if she is the opposition”.  Christie wants his name clear; he doesn’t want to be held accountable for his criminal act, nor for the deaths which were the direct result. The left end of the government party wants him exonerated, probably because they know they can bring all this up at election time.


Governor Christie either made this plan, or he had no control over his staff.  His staff either did what they were told to do, and the excuse “I was following orders” is meaningless in the face of deaths, or they were willing to risk the lives of citizens without orders, with a juvenile idea which clearly put lives at risk.


Regardless of political affiliation, leadership in committing a crime has been demonstrated, part of his commitment to political intrigue.  No person of the measure Chris Christie is qualified to hold office, he has amply demonstrated the utter lack of principle; he clearly inspires subordinates to things of a criminal nature and value.  We should hold Christie up as the example of Criminal failure and reconsider all with the least tie to him.


If there is ever an issue which you see begging, and isn’t being dealt with, I have no cares for “blow-back” as long as what I post is the truth, I’m satisfied in putting it out there.  I am pretty firmly convinced we won’t successfully restore our republic except if we rise in revolution, simply because time allows evil to accumulate when we are to constrained by “feelings” to do what we know must be done to prevent such from occurring.  I am a firm believer in the words of Sir Edmund Burke, who said in so many ways, “evil prevails only because good men do nothing”.  If we are those filling the shoes he spoke of; “people sleep peacefully at night, only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”, we can’t be short on the will for violence, nor slow on commitment, knowing it when we see it.


Semper Fidelis,

John McClain

Author: John McClain

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