Sacrificing a “point”

Columnist Hugh Hewitt wrote today about the fact the congress is ready to vote on a budget which expands discretionary military spending while making cuts for the active duty professional military, and cost of living cuts (COLA) for retirees and disabled veterans.  He suggests it the height of hypocrisy to do this, while so much is being wasted with the failure of obamacare, continued aid for civil workers and no cuts in government spending.


At the end of his column, Mr. Hewitt suggests there might come a time when it is appropriate for us all to have to “sacrifice a point or two in our respective COLA’s” in the future, but putting the onus on the military is simply unconscionable.  As a disabled veteran and a two decade active duty retired Marine, I have to agree it is unconscionable for this cost be shouldered by any in the Military, and especially the disabled and retired veterans, but in principle, it is simply unconscionable for us to allow our government to lie about our money entirely, in every aspect, to establish a system whereby they automatically steal a percentage of our earnings every minute of every day, via inflation and fiat currency, and at the same time, have the temerity to hold meetings about how far deeper in debt they are willing to go, as if they are accountable for it.


I hold Mr. Hewitt in the highest regard, but he misses a point.  Our nation was established on principles, and among these was a matter of absolute, abject honesty as a fixed matter, not negotiable.  Our congress has established, as per constitution, “371 grains of fine silver” as the legal definition of the “American dollar”.  The constitution demanded congress do so, and establish relative values between foreign currencies as well.  This established value remains law, yet we have not kept it since the establishment of an illegal “federal reserve”, and while the same constitution demands all the States do all their fiscal exchanges in gold and silver alone, it has been fifty years since we even had fake silver money.


The only reason we even have such a thing as a “COLA”, is that our monopoly money, the fake money printed by the FED, is designed with inflation built in, making the value of government compensation every reducing.


If it only every working person earning a paycheck  were getting screwed by inflation, we never would  have “cost of living allowance” adjustments, we would simply be told to take our pay, go home and shut up.  The sole reason for “COLA’s” is the socialist state which redistributes the earnings of workers among those who won’t work.  If those receiving their money from government weren’t compensated for the loss of value, they no longer would be a reliable voting base for the “socialists”.


The constitution remains rock solid, the dollar is 371 grains of fine silver, and any other dollar put forth is in fact forged.  The constitutional standard remains unchanged, all The Several States will conduct all their fiscal business in gold and silver.  While we see paper dollars, while the “FED” continues to exist, we have a criminal central government, entirely outside of the law, and having stolen all America’s earnings up through the 1933 time-frame, no longer even feels the need to justify any act it takes.


The original quote was out of “Blackstone’s Commentaries on English Law” and it was “life, liberty and property”.  It was changed in the last day of the convention to give the constitution a higher philosophical perspective; however it was right in its first iteration.  Blackstone considered “property” as an absolute because ownership only exists while property is protected, and government which can take property without cause means ownership is not secured by law.


Representative Ron Paul made this point in one of his final debates, as the moderator started to cut him off.  Claiming his remaining time, Ron Paul told the audience they could all buy gas, then advertised at about 3.80 a gallon, for a dime a gallon.  All one had to do was use a 1964 or earlier dime, a silver one.  While government allows us only monopoly money, they will always rule over us, that was the exact reason for the constitutional requirement of “real money”.



Semper Fidelis,

John McClain

Author: John McClain

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