Consideration of our Enemies

We have grown quite complacent with regard to terrorists and their actions, in large because we have this incredible noise machine which keeps suggesting everything is fine, the situation copacetic, nothing to worry about, our enemy’s on the run.  The unfortunate part is this man, his party, his machine, is part and parcel with the terrorists, and he can say what he does because he controls much of what happens to our military, on the other side of the world, and we are kept in the dark about what happens, and why.


On the other hand, Russia, former foe, now having worked hard at adjusting to operating in an egalitarian manner, working to move their Nation and People to greater freedom and autonomy, has come forward in the face of the many terrorist attacks, in the face of the islamist propaganda, and stated in no uncertain terms, Russia will keep their ways, their principles, and they will not allow immigrants to take over their Nation, and turn them from who and what they are.


While we have military in foreign nations to be fought, Russia is being attacked at home, as that is where they are.  We are not subject to such attacks much so far, because we’ve provided such an easier target, so much harder to defend, having emplaced ourselves in the middle of “their briar patch”, forgetting that old lesson.


As long as we continue to be “the enemy ensconced in their own lands”, we can expect most attacks to be on our military and our diplomatic corps, yet we should seriously consider what it means when an equal, a Nation capable as Russia is, gets attacked again, by islamists, with the stated determination of ruling.


We are only entering into 2014, with mid-term elections for control of the House and the Senate, but these prepare the way for the presidential elections, and the parties do their best to use these as spring-boards for such.  We have a totally compromised enemy, Mrs. Clinton, who has been touted as the planned candidate for president, “it’s her turn” somehow.


If there is an iota of the independence our nation started with, the very idea of this woman running should engender gales of laughter.  Not only has she been the utter failure in the “two for one sale”, she offered twenty years ago, but having been continuously in government ever since, without a single accomplishment worthy of note, it should be clear she has nothing of value to offer, except to herself.


We are entering this current election with the conservatives for all intents and purposes, having given up opposition, and capitulated entirely on the debt, and appear ready to capitulate entirely on obamacare.  If we don’t end our expanding debt, and at the same time, turn back to the idea of producing as a Nation, we shortly won’t be able to service the debt, and we then are under mandates from foreigners.  While obama has been steadily running up our debt, we have seen a 30% drop in our GNP, and at the time of his election, our ability to service our debt was coming close to the tipping point.


We can get our house in order, putting debt away, choosing the responsible path, and work to restore a principled nation and way.  We can continue as we have, and we will shortly be in the hands of those we owe, subject to their demands.  The only other choice we have is to literally take the whole of it, see its outcome, and rise up in revolution, and restore our Republic, throwing out the central, not federal government, and reassuming our proper position in the world.


Only one choice gives us the opportunity to hand down to posterity that which we received, and nothing but the latter, and decades of hard work could allow us to hand to posterity, what our grandparents received in their own day.  The republic was worth fighting to establish, even before its way was devised.  Our current way is an abomination, an insult to free thinking.  Our prepared future is to revert to our past.  Russia has made a bold Statement as to their intent, and how they will keep their Nation.  If we want to keep ours, we must do no less, and in fact, we’ve got some catching up to do.
Semper Fidelis,

John McClain

Author: John McClain

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