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Years ago, it was kind of weird being the only kid in school who was afraid of communism.  I’d seen its worst as a toddler, overseas, and as a “navy brat”, by six, I had a solid understanding of its purpose, its ways, means, most important, its defense mechanism:  lie, dissemble, deny, egalitarian its sole purpose.


By High School, as we watched America’s military, our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen come home from Vietnam, “the Cold War” was well established in everyone’s mind, however with a few exceptions, most of the students were at a loss as to whom the enemy was in this war, and why there was such a thing.


For most students, “fascism” was simply another “ism”, and couldn’t be us.  The most egregious act was the denial of common assertion “our democracy”; to speak of America “the republic” and to note it was with utter disdain the founders laughed “democracy”, the first suggested form of government, out of that Pennsylvania courthouse. To explain why our government was fascist was to deny the teachings of democracy, our nation’s history as taught, and required exiting text books, entering history.  Such was an affront to the whole of the staff of my high school, a school of some 4800 students.


I entered high school in 1971, with as fine an education as any boy entered that year, and far more than most, again, being a “navy brat”, and having actually walked through my own history and that of America and the free world.  I could easily see the lie which was put across as the 16th amendment, one of many pushed through by government, all the explanations of why the amendment qualified while having violated principle in differing ways in each of thirty odd states, and only a single state returning the amendment as per constitutional standards, were a complete repudiation of every bit of understanding of “founding principle” I’d grown up being taught as coming down through our history.  These several amendments completely altered the nature of our nation, yet to speak a word against them was an affront to the values being taught.


My generation was told we were going to see the whole world change, largely because my parent’s generation looking to see the fruits of the greatest labor put forth on a moral issue in our modern world; the possibility of seeing Dr. King’s vision met, people judging each other by the content of their character, and ignoring the color of skin.


What few of that, my parent’s generation, ever noted, was the fact that while much of the social agenda was accomplished via constitutional means, writing of legislation, debating in congress, and coming to principled means of accomplishing a proper, constitutional purpose, establishing equal standing, and denying in writing, the possibility of a “separation of races”, but the vast majority of the major social changes which had already been put in effect, came directly out of an abjectly fascist form of government.


Our constitution, as noted by the illegal alien, is primarily a “negative document”.  While he fumes over this, most people note in all of history, man has been oppressed by power-mongers, using government as a tool to take their power and hold it, using it against “the people who are a nation”, rather than using it to form the nation according to the needs and purposes of “the people”.  You’re damned right it’s a negative document; as Thomas Jefferson said, “government unfettered is the enemy of all people, to keep it from mischief; we must bind it down with the chains of the constitution”.


From the time of “Teddy” we have had an avid fascist government, pretentious of bicameral, holding up two ends calling one republican, the other democrat, and denying they are exactly two ends of “the government party”.


We can be a republic again, but we have “Apprehend” the illegal central government.  There is no means of turning forms, habits are hard to change, for a century our rulers have practiced the ways of fascism.  Those who are accustomed to rule seldom have any desire to relinquish power.  They will fight to remain in power.


We can have our republic if we take it back.  We can ask for it, demand it, but we will fight for it if we want it.  If we won’t fight for our sovereignty, we will continue this way until we fall.


Semper Fidelis,

John McClain


Author: John McClain

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