Coming out of a Disaster

With regard to obamacare, there should be little doubt at this point, there was never a designed, seriously considered plan assembled for future health care, noting problems, considered solutions, a design to enhance a working system and improve it, obamacare was designed to end the free market health care, and establish the government in control of what would later come out.  While many “penny ante” issues were raised, and false flags flapped about, the sole issue at hand was the fact remains, a very small portion of our demographics were absent “health care insurance”, and a few of those weren’t people who never took the responsibility to get it, but have standing medical issues pre-existing.


While we have had the best system in the world, it became that because of our firm grip on real business and how natural law impacts it, and it was built by competition, meaning someone has always been looking for an opening to fix something no one ever did before and make a big impact.  This is the natural way the entire Nation moved in concert, from a group of colonies, used to provide raw materials and oddments to an empire to being an integrated system of individuals, ever working to improve on the next guy’s ideas, and make more than he does.


At our inception, we competed against people the world over, everyone wanted to “doctor” their society better, it was part of cultural survival, and ultimately, it has always been competition which has moved us forward, especially when we find something which fits everyone, and thus have motivation for all to compete rather than any to wait to see the winner, and try to take the winnings.


Our free-wheeling form of Nation was attractive to every sort of free-wheeling thinker, and we attracted more than our share while other nations were trying to figure out how to keep their best, when so much was freely offered here.  For decades, our system of business and the absence of government in it, made us a magnet to the world, and not only proved the value of free market economics, but actually drove other nations into barring exit of skilled and technical people from the time of our colonial days, and causing this aspect to double and quadruple down on such exits.


Our way was so successful, we have actually driven other nations to close borders, write laws regarding exit, not only for doctors, but for technical people of every stripe.  At the time of obamacare’s introduction, our free market system was already using charity assumptions and special features to ensure high cost care reached those who could least afford it, the medical supply companies paying this cost to continue in business.


Even now, as the destruction of obamacare has well set in, we remain with the best infrastructure in history, the doctors who are leaving, haven’t lost their talent yet, schools have closed down, but teachers still know their subjects.  Even as the subdural hematoma of obamacare swells, cutting off blood to our medical and healthcare system, most of it is still in working order.


At this point, we no longer need to focus on what obamacare is, sufficient evidence of its utter failure in planning and design should allow us to discard it out of hand, and waste no more time and money on it.  We have seen it wasn’t designed to implement health care, and that it expands nothing, only constricting the market.  We shouldn’t have to collapse to see it gone.  The system it was designed to destroy, remains viable in most aspects, and we can fix that which has been taken down.  The key is recognizing what can’t be fixed, and discarding it out of hand.


This is no small task, we are not accustomed to discarding new ideas out of hand, however knowing it was never designed, its sole purpose destruction, we should take special care and realize this is what we have to do to end the advance of the communist agenda.  It would behoove us to note this is only one of the crucial aspects our nation is being attacked in, for our destruction, and follow the leads back to those intent on our destruction, our constitution is not a suicide pact.


Semper Fidelis,

John McClain

Author: John McClain

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