The Budget Deal

                Speaker of the House Boehner spoke excoriatingly at the “conservatives” who are insisting on “denigrating the deal before they even know the details”, as reported today by the House expecting to conclude the deal this evening.  In this, the “sequestration” was “castrated” as the deal discards the principles of sequestration, freeing up government debt.  What we will see completely abrogates the actual “law passed months ago” which “ensured specific spending cuts would take place “in the future, really” to offset the last agreement allowing the 1.1 trillion ceiling raising which became 1.4, when it was spent, and we should expect the future generations to respect the monetary choices we make today.


Forget all that and focus on the simple facts.  We have so much debt right now that if we set aside ten percent of our total revenues to pay against principle starting with this budget, we would have to shut down half the whole of our central government, put our military in order and bring it home, and we’d still have decades of maintaining this stringent attitude to succeed.


During all that time, we’d have to seriously consider every real dime, (silver) of capital we hold in hand, and do our utmost to see it most effectively used, and not by any means wasted to maintain our current standard of living.  We’d have to deal with the cuts in domestic production we’d see from people owning their cars longer, doing their own lawns, all sorts of jobs we take for granted would fold back to times gone by.


It would take every bit of our hard work and effort, and all that of two more generations to fix the debt we are in right this minute, and make it possible to retire it and be balanced in thirty to forty years.  That is considering us as responsible, hard-working and dedicated to seeing it done in the way we worked to see segregation ended, racial discrimination ended, and true equality honored on a regular basis.  Americans of all walks of life put everything they had into that work, and accomplished a lot in fifty odd years, which has been squandered and burned up, turned into visceral hatred deliberately, to foment discord in our country for the purpose of our own destruction, with our economy leading us down.


If we simply follow the Speaker’s ideas and decide four years from now it was a mistake and start then, even supposing we were still a sovereign nation, it might be impossible at that point to turn it around without substantial war and subsequent realignments of nations and probably religions.


We have more inflation today than any Empire has ever survived in history.  The sole reason we remain a nation with this amount of inflation, imposed on us as a tax directly on our income, and indirectly, hidden, pushing us higher in tax brackets, is because every other government has indulged in the exact same rape of its citizens.


That said, there is always a time to pay the piper.  One can borrow from Peter to pay Paul, and borrow from George to pay Peter, but at some point, a guy named Vito will show up looking for ten times as much, because everyone took a cut on the way round, government, that is.


We have reached the point where the choice we allow the House to make will determine the fate of our nation, with time being of crucial importance.  There is a point at which the reduction of GNP, and it’s consonant reduction in revenue, meets the increase of cost to service the debt, and at that point, words have no weight or value.  We’d better have “a bit extra work” capacity, to ensure we have a dime against the debt principle, at that point.  Who are they exactly, who think we should live off a generation who have not yet been born, anyway?


Semper Fidelis,

John McClain

Author: John McClain

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