To be or not to be..

A six year old boy kissed his girlfriend’s hand and almost had a permanent mark placed on his record as a sex offender.  A six year old.  This begs the question; if he had kissed his boyfriend’s hand, would the teacher fight for him over tolerance?  Considering the indoctrination of homosexuality as a norm in society by media en mas, the answer must be yes.  The hypocrisy must be addressed if we, as a nation, are to move into the next phase of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Maybe this is the problem in itself.  The democrat party has debased our society in Maslow’s first two levels for so long that any movement past this is deemed unacceptable, and in fact a criminal act to accept the movement of individuals past the very essence of existence.  A six year old boy, according to science, is male.  The drive that is primal and wired into his existence is now deemed a criminal act.  However a homosexual act, by science an act that defies the ability to procreate the species (and please don’t start with the whole sperm bank issue) is now explained as something that is normal and we must accept the wiring within those individuals.

Let’s all accept that premise for just a few minutes here.  Accept that homosexuals are born that way and there is no way for them to change who they are and how they feel.  Got it.  Now for the rest of humanity that has existed and procreated the rest of the race for several thousand years; aren’t we hard wired to be attracted to the opposite sex?  If it is offensive to have a boy kiss the hand of a girl, but not offensive to have that same boy have sex with another boy, what standard is there for anyone who does not agree with homosexuality as their own preference?  I don’t hate gay people.  I hate that I am dragged into someone’s bedroom to examine and accept (not just tolerate) what they do in the privacy of their own house.  I don’t care.  I really don’t.  I don’t have a shirt that say’s “STRAIGHT” across it with an arrow for a symbol.  I don’t have bumper stickers, hold rally’s, or insist on going on national television to examine my bedroom activities in public.  Now a six year old boy must live with this the rest of his life.  So now we must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because we do not agree.


Author: John Phillips U S Army (RET)

John retired from the Army. He lives with his family in Florida.

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