De Oppresso Liber

December 19th, 2012 I walk into class, my usual ½ hour early.  I put down my motorcycle gear and pull out my laptop.  I plug in, sign on to the network and get onto the school website.  I get my HP 12c financial calculator out and fired up.  My Excel worksheet is up and running with all the formulas I had built to this point.  I am as ready as I can to start a third week of business finance.  Studying the material and working the formulas has created a mild headache lasting for several days.  My mind focused and materials ready I wait.

The instructor is a lawyer and confesses to serving in the Air Force during Viet Nam.  After his tour he moved to San Francisco to join the hippy movement.  His classes are filled with stories of his time in California and his political views of the time.  Over the weeks I begin to see that he used the military service angle to pacify the vets in the class.  His statements become more and more radical.

It is 15 minutes after class is supposed to start when he walks in and throws his coat over the chair and drops his brief case.  He quickly stands at the podium and states very forcefully “What are we, as a society, going to do about this situation?”  Confused, I ask what he is referring to.  He says “Why, the shooting of course.”  His tone is one of indignation and frustration.  Not knowing what he is talking about I look at my classmates.  They know I do not watch TV or have cable.  I keep those off so our children are not plummeted with the media indoctrination.  I had been busy with understanding the finance information that week and had not focused any on news.  My classmates informed me of the shooting in Connecticut.  I thanked them for telling me and turned back to the instructor and asked “That is awful, but what does this have to do with the finance class?”  His eyes, had they the ability, would have removed me from existence.  My professor did not like my question or that I had questioned him introducing the discussion he wished to have.

After 20 minutes of his tirade against gun ownership and capitalism I confronted him in class.  I told him that after many years in uniformed service, and serving in combat as an infantryman, his stance on private gun ownership and view on freedom of commerce in our country left me no choice but to inform the other students of what he was saying.  In front of the other students I called him a Communist.  I was shocked more than anything that he did not move, blink, twitch, or deny my statement.  I walked out, as did 4 other students.  He no longer teaches at the school.

Over the years the “shooters” within our society who have committed theses atrocious acts have had ties to Communism, Socialism, Marxism, or some other liberal pet “ism” idea.  Columbine – mental instability with socialism ties.  Newtown – mental instability with communism ties.  JFK – Communism.  Fort Hood – radicalized Muslim.  Washington shipyard – mental instability.  Now we face another school shooter in Arapahoe Colorado.  The media’s first inclination is to downplay the liberal ideology this individual held.  It is the same as all the other times their ranks commit these shootings.  Why do they push away their Keynesian prodigy in Colorado as one of their own?

If liberalism is so good, why do their members take arms (which they profess to deplore) to commit violence (which they profess to deplore) against innocent individuals (who they swear to serve) in public places (which are funded by tax payers)?  Why do liberal professors continue to indoctrinate people into becoming sheep to the state?  Simply stated it is control.  For those who still hold the independent thoughts of freedom against the power exerted to conform and comply, they are held as threats.  This is a threat to the consolidation of power.

A few years ago some guys got together and committed treason by writing down the atrocities of their leader and wished to separate from him.  His power threatened, he sent an entire army to wipe them out; many were.  Knowing they signed a death sentence for themselves and their families, the men who dared to defy their leader knew that freedom for one day is better than a lifetime of servitude.  The blood spilt for signing that paper still flows today in people.  It is this blood that the liberal minds know must be stamped out completely before their Utopia can be achieved.  That country is Liberia.  Years later the fight continues and blood still flows to secure their freedom.

To liberal friends of mine I swear I will uphold the Special Forces motto “De Oppresso Liber”.  I will work to continue to free you from your masters.

Free the Oppressed

Free the Oppressed

Author: John Phillips U S Army (RET)

John retired from the Army. He lives with his family in Florida.

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