NSA, International and Domestic Politics

In a recent article Retired Navy Admiral James Lyons put NSA eavesdropping into perspective from the international perspective. Anyone who knows anything about National Security is compelled to agree with the Admiral’s spot on analysis as it applies to U.S. international security.  His choice of the word “hyperventilating” is a good one especially with the additional words… “Head-Fake,” to make it, “Head-Fake Hyperventilating” by the Obama Administration. Military or CIA listening to communications from all sources has its roots much further back than the Cold War. In fact, one might be surprised if one knew what ones friends were saying.  On the international stage, despite all the “hyperventilating,” electronic spying is a non-issue…as has been widely stated, all nations do it…or wish they could.

Whereas we can take comfort in NSA’s capabilities on the international front…that is not the area that concerns those who are awake. What is concerning is its inappropriate use on the domestic front. No doubt partisan politicians attempt to gain information about one another, and that is fair.  What is not fair, and is in fact scary is the prospect of the use of instruments of government to gain unwarranted information about private U.S. citizens and legal entities. Recent revelations point to the fact that the Obama Administration is party to use of the IRS as an instrument against “Tea Party” advocates and activities. It is my opinion that information acquired by the NSA has been used for domestic political purposes, and that is wrong…but would this Justice Department investigate and if warranted, prosecute Obama or his Democrat cohorts?

And, although political use could be considered “dirty pool,” the most unsettling aspect is that this Administration’s predilection to “play dirty.” One can logically deduce that Obama would not hesitate to use the NSA and other instruments of government in ways that are inimical to privacy and security interests of innocent, individual citizens and legal entities of the United States. Given reports of abuse by NSA bureaucrats/employees for personal purposes, consider the temptation, indeed the likelihood of abuse by incumbent politicians, with the chief suspect being the current President of the United States.

It has been well established beyond any reasonable doubt that Mr. Obama is a liar. His repeated declarative assertions regarding individual Americans being able to retain their Doctors and Health Plans, while knowing full well beforehand that they would not be able to keep either was not a mistake, an exaggeration, misunderstanding or any one of a half dozen other fallacious representations. Obama intentionally lied for the specific purpose of selling “Obamacare” to the American People.

The disgusting aspect of this last is that not only is the Administration trying to paint a happy face on Obama’s lie, a number of reputable black Americans are defending him against those who are calling him out. The latest racist push-back comes from Harvard Law School Professor Robert Ogletree and Ophah who assert that those who criticize Obama are motivated by racism and disrespect for the Office of the President. No one with any sense, much less integrity would attempt to defend Obama’s indefensible deception in this case…so they too become tainted.

Is there any doubt that Obama and his cronies would use NSA resources for domestic political purposes? If one has doubt, I would like to sell that reader some of the left over marijuana Bill Clinton “didn’t inhale.” Additionally, the Keys to the Golden Gate are still available for the right price. Come now, no one can be so naïve as to believe that Americans are motivated out of racism against a half-white, half-black President; albeit he is a mulato who disavows his white ethnicity. Obama’s intentions with respect to forcing “Obamacare” onto a largely unwilling population may have had its roots in a form of “fairness,” but given his history of deception and anti-American bias, Obama’s “fairness” translated into reality is socialism/communism.

Obama is a liar who has forfeited his credibility, and nothing he can do short of open, genuine repentance, which so far has escaped consideration or has been rejected, can open the door to repair his destroyed credibility. “Earn back American’s trust?”  And yet, trust notwithstanding, Obama insists that Americans must accept his fraudulently sold health care program, “We won’t turn back.” “We deceived, lied to and tricked you, too bad, live with it!” Oh? In any sort of real system of justice, Obama would be investigated, charged and tried; and a good guess is that he would be convicted for fraud and put in jail…and should.

Semper Fidelis

Copyright ©  November 19th, 2013 by Robert L. Pappas. With proper attribution, this essay may be quoted and redistributed, except it may not be used in conjunction with any advertisement without the author’s expressed written permission.


Author: Colonel Robert Pappas, USMC (Ret)

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