A Christian Nation


When our forefathers were establishing our nation, they did so on the foundation of “self-evident truths, natural laws, and the endowment of rights” as equally spread without prejudice, among all men.


We look back at the decades before this event and call it “the enlightenment”, because so many philosophers were able to get their ideas in public, and being discussed, argued over, and the relative merits of ideas were fully among “The People” of the world, because Herr Gutenberg had made the least writings capable of being read by the common man, because of his printing press making reading belong to the ordinary man.


Our founders were, for the most part, raised as Christians, and like most people of the time, were intrigued and highly interested in the animated contest of ideas chasing each other through Europe, and they, in this distant set of colonies, saw destiny as an opportunity, seeing this “enlightenment” as the end of Totalitarian government as the standard.


The idea all men are equally endowed with rights was not new, but spreading that idea was.  The notion God considers all individuals is well established in the scripture, yet God chastised man constantly for choosing to have men as kings, instead of accepting God as King, directly, as individuals.  This notion and so many others came together in our Nation in part because of the turmoil natural in colonies, ruled arbitrarily, and in part because timing put this expansion of enlightening at a point when it was useful as the foundation for a designed State, with a government assembled before-hand, designed in logic and reason, to meet the demands of a Christian Culture.


Every aspect of government was deliberated in consideration of these principles, the whole assembled using logic and reason to find a form these principles could establish as the sound, logical foundation of government based on reason.


It took 55 men some three months to hammer out a form of government which would met the strictures of God, and at the same time, provide a solid foundation for a Nation intended to rise up as a “Godly Nation”.  It was a tremendous break with convention this founding on principle, and by this, being a “Christian Nation” as established.


It took a century and the inability to acknowledge slavery as antithetical to our own declaration, for the “firm foundation of Christian Principle” to be broken, the people to fail to recognize their government’s criminal behavior in the waging of the civil war.  It took the Union violating its own laws to win the war, for us to lose our moral compass so completely.  Our leaving principle behind to win put us in position for the socialists, the God deniers, to gain the hold and be able to successfully question the founding on “Christian Principle”.  The sole question was the one which was completely immaterial; does God exist?  I say immaterial because the question can only arise if one discards the whole question of origin, and will consider something can arrive out of nothing.


Our form wasn’t questioned as to its outcome; that was clear and commonly known.  No question of good or bad, that answer was too obvious, whether this form of government provided a good, working and felicitous future wasn’t even questioned, that answer also, was obvious.


When I was an atheist, raised as such, I concluded by about six or seven, agnostic made more sense.  Too many “natural laws” came from the same principles, with the same math defining them.  Design seemed almost indubitable.  I later became a Christian when I could no longer ignore the spiritual, but had to deal with it.

Even so, as “near believing”,  I came to the conclusion in my teens, even if there were no God, the simple fact our Nation was the best most egalitarian form in history suggested only fools would discard a form that works, even if it incorporates mystic aspects, things which are not reducible to clear, proven fact.


A rational person needn’t believe in God to recognize “America is a Christian Nation”, and its value as such.  It is clear founding on Christian Principle is the root cause of our success.  I don’t need to try out socialism to know it can’t succeed, the simple fact it has been tried for as long as man has been able to record events, and never succeeded is evidence sufficient for me.


Author: John McClain

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