Repeal Obamacare


Obamacare can’t be made to work effectively.   I state this fact based on a lifetime of building things for specific purposes, designing them to do certain things, and having to take everything I know about both the job and my materials, to even have a chance of doing a workman-like job.  If it was intended to work as “health care”, it would have to have been designed as such, and it clearly wasn’t designed as such.


Take a look around you, consider the way everything we enjoy about America works, and look deep, see what today’s product replaced, how it did so, and how the previous had replaced what came before it.  In the free market place, we might have started out selling bushels of corn, baskets of fruit, things we made, but our expanding economy, because of our “free choice” meant there was ever more capital as well as profit, for all who planned well and worked hard.


Business takes “reasonable profit”, and puts everything else gained, back into business, knowing if you invest money in business well run, you make a profit, and you also make enough to elbow out some extra room, and have a bigger booth and more product to sell next season.  This was figured out by farmers with no education, by peasants with no freedom, by practically everyone who ever stopped “chasing and gathering” and settled down to a quieter life of early tribal style.


No man ever wrote those laws, they are a part of nature; they are what we observe every day, regulating how everything fits together in harmony in nature.  Government can’t emulate them, people can observe, catalogue, and write up what they discover, and use this knowledge to enable their own more efficient and effective use of materiel and time, but they are how the world works, the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.


For hundreds of years, man has provided “insurance” for those proceeding on an enterprise of risk, and through those years, just as the farmer starts with one crop, and expands, those wanting, and those offering insurance have deliberately worked to increase their ability to meet market demands.   This is how the market naturally expands to meet demand, without waste.


Government is designed for one thing:  it’s purpose is to provide the collective force for society to defend its self against attacks from primarily outside, but also having noted a narrative going back to the beginning, which includes the infiltration and the destruction from within, so we also consider “domestic enemies”.


The entirety of “obamacare” came out of the intent of those running our current government.  There was no demand for it, only the desire of crony politicians, eager to assume control over a portion of the economy they’ve been shut out of except via mandates and illegal impositions.  For a century, politicians have been expanding the fascist control they took over our Nation, and now they desire to run the part which controls the entirety of all our lives; our health care.


Obamacare was not designed to better replace current health insurance, no aspect was designed with care with regard to any business model, any profit aspect as per a business model.  No concern for the betterment of the users was put in the plan; its only focus in design was to firmly and suddenly plant the weight of government assuming all of the current market, so they, politicians in government, can skim off the profits and use them for political purposes.


We had it offered six years ago, as the center of obama’s campaign, and his suggesting he would fix our broken health care system, the best in the world, where everyone comes who can’t get what they need at home.  If it had been a real healthcare plan, it could have been implemented, carefully, and filling in gaps without changing the main of the operating system.  That it was touted as “shovel ready” for more than six years, yet utterly failing on its introduction demonstrates it was never about health care, always about stealing a fifth of the economy, knowing it would destroy the same.

Author: John McClain

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