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Our first meeting was incident to the Republican Primary of 2001 incident to the “abandonment” of his post by U.S. Representative Joe Scarborough. Mike hosted a series of informal breakfast debates featuring those candidates who had signed on to fill Scarborough’s post. I was one of those candidates.

After my not so brilliant foray into politics, Mike asked if I would be willing to write a periodic column for his Gulf1.com website, to which, after some brief clarifying conditions, I agreed. Over the intervening years I estimate that I have written more than 500 essays on a wide variety of topics, and Mike faithfully emailed them to his growing list of subscribers. How he expanded his list is a secret but at this point he has roughly 100 thousand readers.

Whenever we had joys, Mike shared them; sorrows, Mike shared those too; successes, Mike cheered; and failures, Mike lamented right alongside. During one episode of personal family illness, Mike made it his business to provide comfort and cheer. So, it should go without saying that I a big fan of Mike West who is otherwise known as Dr. Sid Wallace.

Now Mike is ill with a severe ailment, an ailment so severe that it has put his life in jeopardy. Today he traveled to a specialty clinic for a life saving transplant procedure.

Given our relationship for these years, Mike has entrusted the Gulf1.com website to our care. When I note, “our” that is precisely what I mean, and whereas it will feature a different format, writers will continue their contributions and the site expanded with other features. The New Gulf1.com format is under development and will continue to provide the finest in common sense opinions from an excellent group of writers.

With these things noted we ask for your prayers on Mike’s behalf. He is surrounded by a loving family and friends and now we ask his faithful readers of all political persuasions to lift him high in your thoughts and prayers for his full recovery. Readers who want to wish Mike well are requested to post publicly as a comment to this post or send your thoughts privately to mikewest@gulf1.com.

Semper Fidelis

Bob Pappas, Colonel of U.S. Marines, Retired


Author: Colonel Robert Pappas, USMC (Ret)

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