tattered-american-flag Below are listed the shameless arguments repeated ad nauseum on network media by secular REgressives in their futile attempt to defend the most destructive law ever passed in our nation’s history by Democrats (no Republicans voted for this debacle), who never read the monstrosity bill before cramming it down our collective throats. Their excuses are followed by truthful responses:


“This time next year everyone will like it.”

Response: So what will be different next year? It is so flawed that the only way most will like it is for it to collapse or be repealed.


“The Republicans are just poor losers and have always wanted this law to fail.”

Responses: Intelligent Americans knew from the beginning that a law no one had read had an ideologic motive for America (called government control of our lives).

Why is it that the plan is not good enough for Congress, the President, the SCOTUS, unions, and corporations which supported Obama’s reelection—all of whom have been granted waivers?!


“All those millions of Americans whose plans are being cancelled have poor quality coverage which must be replaced.”

Responses: Those losing their plans bought what they wanted in the free market and most are of good quality.

One size fits all Obamacare is costly if not unaffordable for those who may not need the benefits required by the government.

Many plans replacing those being cancelled are more expensive because insurance companies must recoup the new costs incurred by Obamacare regulations.


“Obamacare will now insure as many as 30 million uninsured.”

Response: Obamacare is causing more Americans to lose their high quality lower cost coverage than the number of individuals who are now able to get insurance under Obamacare due to waiver of preexisting conditions.

Obamacare is forcing young healthy Americans who may not want or cannot afford health insurance to purchase a product they do not want/need; and this comes amidst high unemployment due to the anti-capitalist policies of Obama and the Left.”

Obamacare will also cover illegals who are not properly screened due to lack of personnel and funding for INS, driving up the costs as taxpayer subsidies pay for these illegals.”


Facts avoided by those who try to whitewash the Obamacare debacle:


The Obama lie: “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your current insurance you can keep your current insurance”.

FACT: You cannot keep your doctor if the bureaucracy does not include him/her in our restricted network under the exchanges. You cannot keep your current plan if it does not contain ALL the requirements mandated by the Federal Government—maternity care for the elderly, birth control for males and old folks, etc. Truth be known, many doctors (loyal to their oath) are retiring early to avoid working for Fedzilla instead of for their patients; it is no longer their free choice to employ intelligent medical decisions in the workup and treatment of their patients. Obamacare inserts a huge bureaucracy between the doctor and patient, rendering the practice of medicine a sick joke.


Another lie: “Under my plan the cost of insurance will be more affordable especially with (taxpayer) subsidies”.

FACT: False on its face—plus higher deductibles and out of pocket maximums which will bankrupt more Americans.


Conclusion: Where are the lower costs and why can not Americans who like their current insurance policies and doctors keep them? Where are the privacy safeguards in Obamacare? Where is the interstate competition amongst insurance companies which could bring down the cost of insurance? Where is tort reform? As a physician who refuses to practice according to the dictates of a totalitarian government, I recently retired after providing 37 years of dedicated service to my patients. Obamacare in current form will collapse as it is not sustainable economically or morally. However, patriots cannot let its failure justify transition to a single-payer government-run healthcare system which has proved a failure for the sick in Europe and Canada.

Alan Bates MD

Author: Alan Bates MD

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