The Fascist Government

tattered-american-flagWith the news some 35 National leaders have been spied on by the NSA, with clearly since 2005, and likely since before that time, we, “The People” had better get ahead of this story and tell the world “America has no need or desire to spy on our allies”, it is the criminal government we have refused to take account of and put back under our direct control which has done this.  We, The American People must acknowledge what has been done most openly, completely, without excuse, and we must disown the act, disown the government which has done it, and do so with enough vigor to prove to the world we don’t accept this, it is not ours done, but a crime done against ourselves and as outrageous against us, as it is against every Nation not a declared enemy of the United States.

Myself, as a Sovereign American Citizen, would like to apologize to all those have been shocked by the news they were spied on, please be assured, We, The American People are “mad as hell just as all of you about the spying being done on ourselves, by the same agencies with the same agendas.

If you absolutely must strike with fire, please bear in mind the entire plan was ginned up by those damned idiots in Congress, in “the old guard”, and with specifically, this fool of a president who appears to have no understanding of any aspect of worldly reality, common manners, and reasonable expectations.  We, The People won’t blame you if you ensure all strikes are against those who have chosen, as fascist believers in government autonomy, to treat you as enemies, spy on you, plan ways and means to manipulate you to get their way.

If our politicians are within the reach of your similar aimed agency, please be kind enough to share what you gain with The American People, since we too, have been burnt, and we’d like to hear the hot sheet on what our politicians do in their off time.

We will be shortly taking efforts to alter our situation, if we manage to figure out we’ve elected an enemy to our president’s office, and we really need to fix this problem, the whole of it, including why he got in, and who helped him get away with it, and see them put in front of some panels and courts.

My fellow Americans, I don’t really know what to say.  If you can’t figure it out by now, I don’t think you’re trying.   If you are, then you must be looking to receive something.  If it’s not that, then you’re one of them, the thieves who find their pickin’s in the wallets of “the People” by hook or by crook, and you ought to be put in the open, tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

There is no excuse for not seeing the blatant crimes which have been ongoing long before this man took office, and there really never has been.  Even Bill Clinton couldn’t have gotten away with the blatant crimes committed, openly, with nothing but lies, ongoing lies, and then simple excuses, and indignant faces.  To this date there has yet to be a single explanation, not one, the list of crimes well extends past hundreds, from running illegal guns, to setting up Benghazi for political purposes.

I know how important it has been to get past the color barrier, and I’ve fought long and hard to see it come to pass.  It wasn’t enough to find a convenient “useful idiot”; that opened the door to our end.  The office is one demanding high skill, real care, love,  and absolute reverence for our republican form.  Instead, we elected one who met the emotions of the moment.

While our system has been used and abused for a long time, over a century, and is definitively broken, we have to confront the issue we have an installed president, a man who can do no wrong because he has fulfilled a long awaited need, and will be held in high esteem regardless of his actions, while those who installed him, spent the time to prepare him and make the path, won’t easily let him fail.

He hasn’t easily failed, he has utterly failed, yet he has not been allowed to fall.  We can keep the illegal alien, or we keep our Nation, and fix it, this is our choice.

Author: John McClain

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